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♡ im minnie ♡
she/her - 21

my scripts

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I've been called "a giant faggot" but I'm medium at most. ♥️

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If you like international and eclectic news, come and join me at @worldwithoutus (Link for Lemmy = worldwithoutus).

I've also started helping out at @worldnews, (Link for Lemmy = worldnews), @movies, (Lemmy = movies), and am a ghost at @13thfloor (Lemmy = 13th Floor).

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For Amusement Purposes Only.

Changeling poet, musician and writer, born on the 13th floor. Left of counter-clockwise and right of the white rabbit, all twilight and sunrises, forever the inside outsider.

Seeks out and follows creative and brilliant minds. And crows. Occasional shadow librarian.


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Posting my #NowPlaying and music-oriented articles helps create more tags.

If you happen to enjoy some of the same tags, right on, we have something in common. 🤘

Direct-follow the account for all the B.S.

Follow #TheMetalDogIsNowPlaying for everything I'm listening to, across multiple genres. Fair Warning: It's not always metal.

Follow #TheMetalDogArticleList for misc articles.

#TheMetalDogAIArtList for AI Art

Otherwise, stick to the targeted band or genre hashtags. avatar


#Brompton | #Kwiggle | Race Bike | TangoArgentino: Dancing+Teaching | #taub #gehörlos | lautsprachl. + gebärdensprachl. | pro lgbtqia+ life | graphic designer plus knowledge in: PHP mySQL Frontend-CSS-Framework CMS web design

AVATAR: Keramikfigur 'Hotelpage', gelbe Hose, gelbe Kappe, oranger Hintergrund. In den Hosentaschen: Holzzahnstocher. Rechts Fähnchen mit: "MOIN!"
HEADER: Schwarze Katze hängt auf einem Arm in blauem Sweater, blickt in die Kamera. Rechts orangefarb. Stoffstuhllehne avatar


Admin of and XMPP.
Living in Bavaria 🍺, Germany 🇩🇪, Europe 🇪🇺

Taste of music: Mostly Progressive Metal, (Melodic) Death Metal, Deathcore.

:metality: member

Posts are deleted after 6 months.

Interests: #embedded #linux #fedora #server #metalheadclub #mastoadmin #metal #electronics #software

Imprint: avatar


Network engineer | Math/science geek | Fantasy/sci-fi nerd | Avid Outdoorsman | Retro-tech Enthusiast | Liberal Atheist Gen Xer | University of Georgia Alumnus | ✊🏿🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️Ally | Potty mouth 🤬


"Be Excellent To Everyone & Don't Feed The Trolls"
I'm me, you're you. 'nuff said.
WHO you are is NEVER a problem, how you BEHAVE usually is.
Dogs I don't care how they behave (within reason), they're dogs.
Brit IN the UK Dyspraxia (ClumsyBrain), Hard Of Hearing, Physically Handicapped.

Here for HashTagGames and similar.
US ones usually only when i'm sleepless.

99% of comments are snark, other 101% - sleep deprivation.
ALL channelling rage, it's this or scream at the Television.

Of A Certain Age chronologically, physically older.
Weirdbird, Weirder SOH.

Physically Handicapped (long list), mostly injuries, furious about it.

Eternally Curious, prefer Science, Art, Classics over politics.
Favourites: Ecology, Wild Flora & Fauna, DOGGOS!

Left Hander, Vegan, Old School Greenie,
Androgynous Demisexual / Dyke,
She / Her / Hers / Herself ... But I HATE Labels.

Songs to get an idea of me from:
Phranc's "Dress Code"
k.d. lang's "Luck In My Eyes"
Cass Elliot "Make Your Own Kind Of Music"
Shirley Bassey singing "I Am What I Am"

Avatar is a wolf howling at the moon
Banner is a wolf sunbathing on snow

Disability Pride Month is July,
it follows Rainbow Pride Month in June.
I'm not in a wheelchair yet, so do not use the symbol. avatar


Enseñamos lectura fácil, accesibilidad web y a crear contenido accesible. Por el derecho a ser, estar. Entender y defender la Justicia de la Discapacidad. avatar


Currently: Musician and geek who's happily satisfying his inner child. Also Community Engagement Manager for

Formerly: Linux For Everyone, Forbes, AMD. avatar

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A married and happy geek from Ukraine living in Strasbourg, France. #Backend software engineer, #accessibility specialist.
My main programming languages are #PHP and #CSharp.
Pro-Ukrainian, pro-American, pro-European. Technical progress must not be stoppable.
Pagan, worshipper of Scandinavian gods.
Pronouns: He/him.
This account is multilingual. Posts may contain strong language, not always behind a content warning, and personal opinions.
No alt text, no boost. avatar


I am from the USA.

I am obsessed with postmodern literature and Japanese pop culture from the 60s up to the late 90s.

I make stuff: Music, art, and poetry.

I have been accused of being a fossil from the 90s.

My profile pic selfie: a picture in high contrast with color adjustment so it looks nightmarish and vaguely psychedelic.

My header image is a blurry rainy road avatar


Social and economic justice, technology and tennis. I'll have what @jbf1755 is having.
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Die Gesellschafterin begleitet und betreut Senior:innen - im Alltag, in der Freizeit und auf Reisen.

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Wannabe #drummer 🥁 , #metalhead 🤘🏻, music lover. Also trying to learn to play the #guitar 🎸

Passionate #DIY project collector with limited spare time. Procrastination guaranteed.


Spy on my embarassing music taste:

#Metality member

You can find me on #Threema, #Matrix and #XMPP if you want.

Languages: DE/HU/EN avatar


I am a blind technologist, humanist, a voracious devourer of books, speaker, writer, and a thinker, who finds himself championing #accessibility for fun and necessity. I'm currently exploring the complex world of AR and VR worlds to find best ways to achieve full accessibility for disabled people.

Oh and give me your fun book recommendations: be it nonfiction, science fiction and fantasy, romance, mystery, and more. avatar


Applied and translational sensory scientist. Advocate for bodily autonomy. Nonbinary feminist killjoy.

Alt-text: me, a chubby faced white person with long dark brown curly hair, giving side eye behind some glasses.

Banner: a person in a denim jacket on a bike with a life sized plastic skeleton attached to the rear carrier. avatar


Hier informiert das #SocialMedia-Team des Bundesministerium/s für Digitales und Verkehr. Bitte achtet unsere ! avatar


Does things #FOSS #HTTP and #VarnishCache in particular. :varnishcache:
Is one of the the last MSc in #AI graduates of the University of Edinburgh (1999) and watches what happens.


😼:coffeepot: 💿 :vinyl: 🔊🎶🌱🖼🖖⚾️😷🌊 Header photo : Graffiti under the old now-demolished railroad bridge over Washington St in Somerville MA. avatar


single, strait, boring, genX guy. pro: science/vaccines/abortion/LGBTQ+. liberal. COVID = airborne

When I got hooked: STAR WARS/John Williams (1977), Dire Straits (78), Blade Runner (82), Pink Floyd (84), email (86), Apple (90), Web (93).

masthead: Great Spruce Head Island, ME.

form is a diagram of forces • hydrogen, given time, becomes self-aware • cynicism is laziness that expects credit for critical thinking

powered by caffeine & maple syrup. mostly here for the cat memes. avatar


#ALT-text for the #ProfilePicture: A smiling male monkey wearing black glasses and a sleek chocolate-brown shirt. He has dark brown fur and bright eyes. He looks friendly and fairly fit for his age.

Great ape. Husband. Father. Family guy. Dane. Stargazer. Dad joke aficionado. Environmentalist. IT architect. Nonbeliever. Humanitarian. Inclusive. Friendly.

"Once a pun a time I was good at word play!"

#Denmark #Dansk #tech #jokes #IT #AI #space #F1 #art #politik #climate #AiArt #fedi22 avatar


Creative Analyst, Philosopher, Philanthropist, Humanist avatar


"Life is a beautiful magnificent thing, even to a jellyfish." - Charlie Chaplin


Deutschlands größte Apple-Community mit Redaktion. avatar


Sysadmin and web developer, team/tech lead at Twitter/Instagram: Pronouns: he/him avatar


Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting, the national progressive media watch group. Producers of the radio show CounterSpin and publishers of the newsletter Extra!. avatar


Independent artist AKA rock’n roll delinquent (the crime is making music which is not the most popular today i.e. rock, punk, and metal). See for more.

Just an FYI, if you’re anti-Palestine, you might not want to follow me. I’m just not for any genocide, to anyone. #music #rock #alternativerock #punk #indierock #altrock #songwriting #musicbusiness #creatingmusic #recordingmusic #artistfair #independentmusic #alternative avatar


Word nerd, night owl, fashion don't, picky omnivore, forgetful know-it-all, ambidextrous klutz, multilingual stutterer #CeasefireNow ☮️🍉🕎 avatar


Hailing from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia, I'm a big time film nerd (with a particular love of David Lynch & 20th century horror), an avid reader of a broad range (but 70s 80s horror and sci-fi paperbacks and political history are my jam) and part-time poet when I'm less stable/more inspired, indie rock geek with a strong Americana twist. I'm ace-leaning and a committed friend of the Trans community, genderqueer he/they, mental health awareness advocate with schizoaffective. avatar


Artist and Musician from Ireland. Https:// avatar


One of your friendly admins here on

First adopter of new tech. Digital Marketer, Podcaster, SEOer, WordPresser.

Recovering Newspaper (Remember Those?) Journalist

University of Delaware Blue Hen (J-School Grad)

#SEO #DigitalMarketing #Journalism #Democracy #Podcasting #Technology #WordPress #WebDesign #Philadelphia #dogs #RandomMusings #adhd


Fediverse Resources:

Main account:

340.36 CO₂ when I was born in 1981


Record store specialising in the spaces between psychedelia, electronica, alt-rock, folk and pop.
Open online and at our pop-up at The Corner Gallery, Gordon Road, Carshalton, South London 🦉🎶👁️

South London/The Outer Limits

#Psychedelia #Shoegaze #Folk #AcidFolk #Hauntology #WyrdFolk #Indie #Alternative #ProgRock #Kosmische #Folklore avatar


Self certified bad life coach.

“All I wanna do is comment on #dogsofmastodon posts” - Sheryl Crow

4 stars. Go home and tell your mother you’re brilliant.


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Y a des trucs qui m’énervent, je les partage
Y a des trucs qui m’apaisent, je les partage aussi avatar


A playful pocket of negative entropy. An ugly bag of mostly water. Tetonalmacani (curandero del tonalli) avatar


Free Software » No-Code » Equal Opportunity » JAMStack/composable


Writes science fact and adventurous fiction, reads mightily, wonders at it all. Loyal opposition. she/her avatar


Former child, space bum. Knitter, crocheter, general crafter.


🤘 avatar


Translator. Sports, #geneadon, polyglott. avatar


Your dream girl with an overactive imagination.
#PhoneSex operator and your new favorite slut.
#kink #bdsm #sw #punk #niteflirt #worshipme #ACAB

Boosts Encouraged

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Hello, my name is Kaye. I live in Sydney, Australia, and as a mum of 2 grown up children, my main interest now in life is my love for photography and art that I would like to share with the world.


Photographer/Artist traveling on the road called life. Punk rock foundation with artistic soul. avatar


🇨🇵:occitanie: Toulousain passionné de #dev, de #gaming, d'#esport et de #magicthegathering. Ici je discute principalement de #politique et de ma ville #Toulouse.


Evil spirit trapped in Makai. Manages the Touhou forum at anarchist-friendly A sysadmin of

Weakest #quoteposts proponent of the fediverse

(DISCLAIMER: I am not the Mima-sama in Tumblr/Neocities or the Mimasama1 in Twitter [@mimasama1])

#Touhou #TouhouProject #東方Project #東方 #東方旧作 #TouhouOldWork #PC98 #PC98Touhou #Mima #魅魔 #魅魔様

Banner by @sawatanitoru

Pfp by @ogami2160


Hello, world! My name is Brie Carranza 🦄 (she/her). {{ My toots are tech stuff and #Caturday stuff. }} I am an infosec-oriented engineer. I am curious about GraphQL and ransomware. I corrected a typo at the Library of Congress. 🎉
You can learn more on my sites: I love 🚀 shipping fun Web projects! Senior Support Engineer @ #GitLab 💜🦊


Fedimin | Privacy Advocate | FOSS Lover

I ❤ Change


#fedi22 #privacy #foss #freedom #photography #fedimin #mastoadmin


SMOT – Move like you`ve never moved before - #music #alternative #rock #postpunk #artrock #pop #drums #bass #guitar #vocals #band




Laid back and (comedy) grumpy guy from the southeast coastal area of the UK. Photos:

This is my one stop place for all my musings, moanings, ups, downs and observations.

Love interacting with people all around the world, all races, sexualities, cultures. I'm a bloke who fancies blokes but I'm not gay 🤔

Love #Tech #Gadgets #Animals #Nature #Photography #HelpingPeople #RealPeople #Gardens #Walking #Exploring avatar


Toots usually tinged with 80s-flavoured music & nostalgia, retro computing, and more modern electronics.

Straight, cis, LGBTQ+ ally.

All toots here auto-delete after 6 months. tfr.

#80smusic #1980s #80s #TOTP #BritishTV #cooking #RaspberryPi #catsofmastodon #piano #RetroComputing #8bit #Arduino

Elsewhere on the Fediverse: avatar


Describe myself? Why? Who I believe I am is irrelevant to who you're going to believe me to be.


While I do natively write in English, I also use a combination of DeepL and Naver SmartBoard to translate my text to better communicate. If you notice an error, please let me know, and I'll forward it to the right people.

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