Y’all good there in Florida. No fr people should build their own Political knowledge and find out what is the most fitting for them. This is Russia Light.


Maybe his party should stop jerking off ex-stazi dictators


People should go to the school meetings and start complaining about government indoctrination like those moms for liberty, or whatever those assholes where called, that complained about trans literature.


They are.

They are called The Church of Satan.

They are doing good work where they can, buy most of America is fascist enough that they can't make an impact.

BeanGoblin, avatar

You mean the Satanic Temple. Church of Satan are the actual satan worshipping nutjobs.


Of fuck.

Thank you for the correction.


_lilith, avatar

remember: If the name has church, they’re the jerks

DocMcStuffin, avatar

CoS doesn’t worship Satan either. They’re just Ayn Rand libertarians dressed up with ritual. They’re basically atheists like TST but on the other side of the political spectrum.

FfaerieOxide avatar

They are called The Church of Satan.

Church of Satan are cops.

You're thinking of The Satanic Temple.

DocMcStuffin, avatar

They’ll bring a history of fascism to the classroom too, right?


Do they even know what that is?


No, but if they don’t like it, it’s probably communism.


It’s a catch all term for whatever the boogeyman of the month is


Florida has gone full Joseph McCarthy red scare mode, they’re outing the gays, burning books, trying to resegregate the minorities, dipshit DeSantis going after “the commies” is absolutely the logical (illogical) next step.


A is for Apple. B is for Ball. C is for Communists that want to kill your parents and burn everything you love to the ground. D is for Democracy, which requires that you don’t ever question what we tell you.


Dear god, please send us a flood to wipe away the stupidity that is Florida. Actually, NVM, we’ve got this covered ourselves.


Global warming yay! (sarcasm)

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