Republican Texas school board member campaigned against schools indoctrinating kids. Then she read the curriculum.

But after taking office and examining hundreds of pages of curriculum, Gore was shocked by what she found — and didn’t find.

The pervasive indoctrination she had railed against simply did not exist. Children were not being sexualized, and she could find no examples of critical race theory, an advanced academic concept that examines systemic racism. She’d examined curriculum related to social-emotional learning, which has come under attack by Christian conservatives who say it encourages children to question gender roles and prioritizes feelings over biblical teachings. Instead, Gore found the materials taught children “how to be a good friend, a good human.”

Gore rushed to share the news with the hard-liners who had encouraged her to run for the seat. She expected them to be as relieved and excited as she had been. But she said they were indifferent, even dismissive, because “it didn’t fit the narrative that they were trying to push.” …


So she actually did her homework like a responsible, functional adult, shared the good news of her findings, and in response, her constituency turned their backs.

“I have an ignorant, fearful, bitter narrative, and I’m sticking to it. In Jayzus name.”

They disregard the few intelligent people among their own, with annoyance and probably even suspicion. What a fucking nightmare of a people.

These people have nothing to offer the world other than misery, they will not heal nor leave others in peace. And they will not go away on their own, like a herpes or hepatitis virus. Even after so many of their own anti-vaxx anti-mask own died, still the urgency of reason and civility took no root.

How can a society deal with this? How can the political power of their stubborn, weaponized ignorance be diluted?


Good god christians are fucking stupid. You can tell from this article that none of the people that voted for her have ever taken an interest in anything their children do. They are so scared of their own shadows. It is a fucking simple question: “Hey Aiden/Brayden/Kaydean/Jaden/Tayden/Hayden/Vayden/Zayden, what did you learn at school today”?

I guarantee they’d never get an answer to the tune of “trans rights, mom!” in their inbred xenophobic community because curriculums are approved way beforehand and it’s a deeply red area! To get a curriculum like that passed would require so many people who most likely ran as right wing family savers to not be.

Honestly it’s a tactic the right does. Pretend to be for the people and run as a more left leaning person and go right immediately. Which you know, in the bible jesus was all about. Jesus always told his followers to lie, cheat and murder.


That’s almost an onion headline.

uberdroog, avatar

As she discovered, pointless, it has never been about the facts of the situation.


These kinds of stories just make me feel sad for the poor people,

I think it’s in a way a mirror of the whiplash most American kids have experienced in the last few years being taught that Freedom and Democracy and Charity and what not were all American Christian values only to get smacked in the face with how a lot of American and American Christian leaders act in any way but, and how a lot of their supporters think that that’s a good thing.


Well yeah no shit


Well, good on her for being honest about it.

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