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is already getting out-of-hand. There's plenty of , & who couldn't afford to go to .
Using you to is appearing in in a variety of places e.g. when you use a for . It isn't going to end well.

I'm pleased to see using material without permission getting called out here:

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@Delphi People casually using these tools need to understand that they're contributing to the destruction of art, creativity, and personal responsibility. It's nauseating to watch


@Delphi Literally had someone on here tell me the fake special "is good" so this lawsuit is bad news.

Then they tried to compare digging up Carlin's corpse to Robin Williams doing impressions.

I started to explain the problem with that analogy, but then suddenly turned one million years old and blew away as a puff of dust in the breeze


@Delphi In case you wanted a little LOL this afternoon, the "AI" Carlin special literally just pumped some asshole's writing through Carlin's recreated voice and image. The tech bros are scammers every goddamn time.

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@liquor_american @Delphi not a first. Anyone remember a VR company from a few years back? Faked almost everything about their work and raised millions.


@Wen @Delphi My use of "always" is an acknowledgement that this is a pattern.

Anyway, is the company you're talking about called Meta? 🙃

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An Internet Bill Of Rights is long overdue.


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