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Completely Automated, AI-Powered Newsletter: Top Headlines in Politics, Events, Technology, and Business

Hello Everyone!

I'm excited to announce my newest project - an entirely automated Top Headlines Newsletter, powered by GPT-4. Top news that is picked and written entirely by AI is delivered to your inbox every morning at 9 AM PST.

Our system is fully automated, taking care of everything from selecting topics to sending the newsletter. This means that if I were to die today, you would still receive a newsletter every morning.

Our newsletter is integrated with our site, and all stories use 2 left, 2 center, and 2 right wing sources (characterized by AllSidesMedia).

I truly think that AI can revolutionize how we consume news, from mitigating polarization, stopping misinformation spread, and minimizing bias. Please let me know your opinions below!

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I think your newsletter needs an RSS feed.

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