Just started Strattera. I feel superhuman, but have some questions about the side effects.

I’m only on day 2, but I feel so able to concentrate, it’s ridiculous. I know it’s expected to take weeks to start working, but I’m feeling it already. I spent the morning reading wikipedia, catching up with work, and doing laundry that I hadn’t done for weeks. Now, I’m gonna go out to eat at a restaurant with a friend and his kids. Is this what NTs feel like all the time, just able to focus without struggle and the motivation of looming despair??

However, I slept maybe 30 mins last night even though I took 12 mgs of melatonin throughout the night, and my male genitals are not working well. I also feel a bit irritable.

  • Did anyone on Strattera have a similar experience? And did the side effects eventually go away?
  • If so, how long did they take to subside? If not, what did you do about it?
  • Did this ability to focus last too?

I took strattera for a very short time many years ago when i was still in elementary school. I remember that it worked well but i was also not good about remembering to take meds every day. I stopped taking it after the first time i missed a dose. I only took it for a few days but the first time i missed a dose it felt like i had super ADD. Like i couldnt even concentrate on the things that i wanted to do let alone my school work. I switched to adderal after which worked much better for me.

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I’m happy the adderall worked for you 🙂

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I’m a dude as well who’s on 60mg and started with 40mg

For me the “I feel like a damn super human getting shit done WTF, is this how it is for other folks?” lasted about 3 days before starting to amp down.

I also had a bunch of other side effects but basically all of them went away between a couple days and about a month. Though I am more thirsty in general so I’m drinking more water but that’s probably for the best considering how often I’d simply forget to drink water.

The… uh… member effects seem to only be an issue for me for the first few weeks. Though currently (4 months later) the “member” can’t really be used within 12 hours of taking it as climax takes a long time, it takes a lot more work, and it doesn’t feel as good. In fact during that 12 hours climax and building to it is kinda meh. Afterwards though it’s back to being great but just taking longer, which by virtue of feeling great again is pretty cool.

The sleep quality is one that was really rough for the first couple days while I still felt super human but when the super human feeling went away my sleep quality improved, though still wasn’t great for about 2 weeks. I’d recommend doing what you can to improve sleep hygiene though, it really helped being strict about that.

BackOnMyBS, (edited )
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I think we might have similar brains because I seem to be following your path. Hi, brain brother! Once the super human period went away, how was your attention and ability to complete tasks?

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After the super human feeling went away I’m still able to get stuff done I just have to aim my morning before it kicks in

Look at memes before it’s working? Good luck, you’re going to be fighting yourself all day.

Eat breakfast listening to music with a task you know needs done when you finish? It’s going to be a productive day indeed.

Getting stuff done isn’t as easy as it was during those feeling like a super human days but it’s still way easier than before I started the meds.

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omg, I’m learning this as I type. Whatever I focus on in the morning is what’s going to get my attention all day. I’m gonna head out to a coffee shop tomorrow in the morning with my laptop to see if I can get some actual work done. 😆


I experienced a bunch of side-effects that pretty much all disappeared after the first ten days. I read online that they cleared up for most people, sometimes taking a month. The only side effect I have now is an increased heart rate approximately 15bpm but it’s still considered in the normal range and exercising helps. I feel slightly less able to focus after a couple of months of taking it, but I’m definitely a lot more productive than I was before so it might just be my perception of the effectiveness. Emotional regulation was my biggest ADHD issue and atomoxetine helped a lot in this area and it’s effective all day long so that was a big plus for me.

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That sounds promising. Thanks for sharing, and I’m happy it helps you 🙂

inasaba, (edited )

I started on 10mg and am up to 50mg now, about two months in. I have experienced no side effects whatsoever, except the first day I took it in the evening and then was a bit buzzy at bedtime. I also haven’t noticed any of the positive effects yet, though I have heard it takes a while for that to kick in and that you may not even notice it due to how gradual it is.

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I’ve read that it’s supposed to be gradual as well and also read accounts that it’s sneaky. One day, you’ll just notice you have been able to focus for a bit. Not me though. This thing hit me like a belly flop. Hopefully it kicks in for you soon!


Yeah made my dick weird too. Didn’t really go away for me either until I quit the meds. I mostly quit because it made me super emotionally irregular though.

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sucks. hope you found a better remedy 🙂


nope, just went off of it and need to go try my luck with new meds at the doctor again. My insurance doesn’t cover mental health visits so it’s like $250 a visit to try something new 💀

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this makes me so glad I gave up trying to manage my ADHD with anything other than caffeine, 12mg of melatonin is A LOT. You must be borderline tripping rn lol. Every medication I’ve tried kicks my insomnia up to 11 and the comes with a slew of other side effects. Hope this all levels out and works for ya tho

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I know everyone is different, but I’ve been sleeping better while Vyvanse is still in my system. I have a much harder time getting to sleep super late or trying to get back to sleep after getting woken up.

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Yeah, I wasn’t even phased by the melatonin though I was tired and zonked out from no sleep. I just gave up around 5am and sat on the couch watching history, civil design, and geopolitics on YouTube until around 9 (about 2 hours after taking the Strattera) then I did weeks old laundry, caught up at work, and made this post 😆



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  • hypnotoad,

    Here’s my vague understanding of why this happens with melatonin; if someone can correct me I’ll have learned something.

    Taking supplements your body naturally produces, like melatonin, creatine, and some weight loss products in large doses makes your body turn off its own production. You’re also training your body to process and live with more than it needs, and considering it always wants to reach homeostasis, you end up needing more of it to have the same effect (like many drugs).

    Back in the 90’s a lot of people on diet pills ended up gaining a lot of weight back once they stopped taking the pill because their bodies took a long time to produce the same chemicals naturally, having essentially been overdosed for a while.

    @BlueSharkEnjoyer@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

    For me I noticed minor benefits after 4 days, and it took about 2 weeks for it to more fully kick in.

    Personally the other side effects ended up with me going off it. The focus benefits stayed, though the low mood it turned out it was causing took 3 weeks to go away after I stopped.

    my male genitals are not working well

    This is a common side effect.

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    I’m happy it still helped your attention in the long run!


    I had urinary retention and premature ejaculation and sleep disturbances that never resolved.

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    oh no! that sucks. are you still dealing with that? 😟


    No, I am not on strattera anymore.


    Wait a tic, the problem people have is premature ejaculation? Not difficulty with arousal and anorgasmia a la SSRIs?

    Shit, I gotta talk to my doctor about this.

    @wizardbeard@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

    Unfortunately I don’t have the posts handy, but it was discussed in the sub on Reddit for ADHD that sometimes starting new meds can cause a sort of euphoria feeling early on. I’ve definitely had that sort of feeling before when I’ve went a while without then got back on them. For me it tends to last anywhere from a day to a week.

    Just be careful and give it the amount of time your doctor said it would take for them to work for your body to get used to them. Especially if you aren’t sleeping. That’s really not good. Might be best to try and stay in some, as this can be somewhat like a manic episode.

    Unfortunately, what you’re experiencing right now is the “adhd meds are just coke” sort of thing. Here’s your coke effects. Mania and sleep deprivation.

    Sidenote, strattera did literally nothing for me. Glad it’s doing something for you.

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    Thank you for the advice. I have been being careful and just catching up on a lot of things I had let go for weeks.

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    Yeah, I’m on a very low dose of a stimulant ADHD drug and the first day I was visibly tweaking. I felt like I could punch God. A few weeks later I feel happily focused but day one was crazy.


    I’ve had 1 seizure in my life, it was while I was on Strattera.

    @BackOnMyBS@lemmy.world avatar

    that sucks! i’m sorry you had to experience that while trying to seek medical help.


    Damn, I just started this med and I feel like it’s fucking me up. Fast heart rate, severe mood swings, worsening anxiety and depression, etc. Anyone else experience this? I’ve been taking 25 mg for just under a week.


    I had all that and more, it was the worst experience with a drug I’ve had. I think some people respond to it well but I was miserable on it and had to stop after a few weeks because it just kept making me feel worse and worse. I was fine again within a few weeks of stopping at least.

    @BackOnMyBS@lemmy.world avatar

    I’m definitely checking my heart rate on my watch every few hours cause I feel funky…like I’m all of a sudden aware I have a heart. I’m getting irritable quickly, but I’m also happy about things, so maybe those are moods swings also. I’m on day 2 of 40mg/day.

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    Maybe the dosage you’re taking is a bit too high for your case, either that, or you already have an anxiety condition that is worsened by ADHD medication.

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    I also had trouble sleeping when I first started taking strattera. I switched to taking it around noon to 1 rather than before bed, and that seemed to deal with the issue after a few days. I didn’t take it earlier than that because I drink coffee in the morning and I found that taking it within a couple hours of caffeine would give me heartburn or nausea. The intense focus lasted a few weeks and then settled down, but it was still quite helpful for the next five years or so. It eventually seemed to lose effectiveness after about five years and I’m not on it anymore. Regardless I’m in a much better place now than I was before I started it and I do think the drug can be given a good part of the credit.

    I do remember having the same thought as you though, is this what it’s like to be neurotypical? You just decide to do something and then do it. Wild.

    @BackOnMyBS@lemmy.world avatar

    is this what it’s like to be neurotypical? You just decide to do something and then do it. Wild.

    💯 😅 and it can even be enjoyable! it’s soooooo weird.

    Redhotkurt avatar

    Regardless I’m in a much better place now than I was before I started it and I do think the drug can be given a good part of the credit.

    That is awesome. If you don't mind my asking, are you taking another med now, or are you off them completely?

    @LynneOfFlowers@midwest.social avatar

    I’m not on meds now. I didn’t like adderall back when I was on that (being on adderall felt like going from the adhd being in control to the adderall being in control instead, and I’d also get amphetamine crashes every evening and weekend), and before that ritalin made my an emotional wreck. I’m able to manage better than before I was on strattera; granted I was in a hole of depression at the time and I’m not now; I do think the strattera helped me to climb out of it. All I take now is vitamins B and D and they seem to help a little with focus.

    @MrPoopyButthole@lemmy.world avatar

    I’m also off all meds. I feel in control and that my life is positive. Depression is a silent killer and often underestimated. It took a breakup with my ex and getting a new job for things to change for the better. Also a lot of willpower to not fall back into old habits.


    I’m on adderall so my experiences may be different. The super human rush lasted about two weeks for me until my body settled into it. I’m on 10mg a day, but my doctor prefers a two day a week “drug holiday” so I don’t develop a tolerance.

    I slept better the first few weeks because I was exhausted as it wore off from actually doing things. I started to sleep poorly again after that, but I’m now taking 50mg of trazedone a night and sleep like a champ. If you frequently take melatonin your body doesn’t respond to it as well. I was taking 10mg a night before my doctor recommended trazedone.

    My only side effect is very slight tremors in my hands, but they lessen over the day. The focus is still there, but I definitely have to put forth more conscious effort a few months in. I’m on anti depressants as well so my genitals gave up years ago. I had serious temper problems which are VERY reduced.

    My advice: take it easy! You can burn out a little trying to do all the things right now. Get a task app, put reasonable chores or goals on a schedule. Try and use your brains new reward system to build healthy habits. You can actually have habits now! Crossing things off a list will actually feel amazing. When the meds effects start to chill out, you’ll be able to lean into your little routine and keep getting things accomplished.

    Very happy for you- that holy shit I’m functional now feeling is so awesome. DM me if you need anything! 💓

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    My advice: take it easy! You can burn out a little trying to do all the things right now. Get a task app, put reasonable chores or goals on a schedule. Try and use your brains new reward system to build healthy habits. You can actually have habits now! Crossing things off a list will actually feel amazing. When the meds effects start to chill out, you’ll be able to lean into your little routine and keep getting things accomplished.

    Great idea! I’m going to start doing that.

    Very happy for you- that holy shit I’m functional now feeling is so awesome. DM me if you need anything! 💓

    Thank you very much 😊❤️

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    In my experience ADHD meds don’t mix well with lack of sleep. So make sure you get enough sleep or eventually you might find yourself feeling like a zombie.

    @BackOnMyBS@lemmy.world avatar

    I’m trying my best! I actually got ~4 hours total last night, so I think it might have just been the first night that was virtually no sleep. I felt much better after those 4 hours.

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