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InfiniteFlow, in [OC] Well
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It is the Initiation Well at Quinta da Regaleira, in Sintra, Portugal! It was used in initiation rituals by the Masonry!

https://anamargaridapalmeiraebomeeugosto.blogs.sapo.pt/poco-iniciatico-da-quinta-da-regaleira-5916(article in Portuguese, but worth it for the pictures!)

Cylusthevirus avatar

It's also the entrance to the Scholomance.

DumbAceDragon, in Photograph by Katerina P.
@DumbAceDragon@sh.itjust.works avatar

Looks like a roblox screenshot with the red thing and the blue sky in the background.

probablynaked, in turtle shell

Source in crosspost. Feel free to remove if this doesn’t fit!


Nice find! I thought it was a spider web-kaleidoscope mash up

ODD, in 'Lines, curves and a checkered pattern' by Markus Kammerer

It looks futuristic and retro at the same time.

probablynaked, in 'P2071516 Fångat blad' by Thomas Schultze

this one is kind of spooky like looking into the gaping maw of the urban ground


It took me a while, even with the brief description to ‘see’ it…there’s a concrete/tarmac quality to the ice which always throws me for a minute…I like the gaping maw description- very apt

adam_y, in 'FAC_2540' by Enrico Facchetti
@adam_y@lemmy.world avatar

Lovely stuff.


I never knew Venetian blinds could be so aesthetically pleasing, the distortion effect with the overlap is particularly good

neptune, in 'flower closeup -4' by Thanks for 5,100,000 views!

Is that a flower? Or is a pitcher of a nepenthes.


The photographer hasn’t added any other information that I can find, it has been included in several flower groups on flickr…honestly, your guess is as good as mine

verdare, in 'Down at the Docks' by Bill Gracey

Getting a really strong 3d effect from this.

probablynaked, in 'Expect the Unexpected' by Jane Underwood

Ahhh the colors on this one!

probablynaked, in 'Crazy Architects (1)' by Luc Helie

Gorgeous! Saw Manhattan and thought maybe NYC - reading comprehension fail


It is a beautiful photo isn’t it? I really love the metallic like colours, and I think the more I look at it, it feels like I’m falling into it, rather than looking up

Pandemanium, in [OC] A walk-through exhibit

Teamlabs borderless?

Wheaties, in [OC] A walk-through exhibit

finally, a lemmy art com that isn’t progamme generated pictures

Etterra, in [OC] A walk-through exhibit

I like abstract art, but this is going too far.

runswithjedi, in [OC] A walk-through exhibit

This is what I imagine it’s like to swim through jellyfish tendrils. Less painful though!

FermiEstimate, in Community Feedback Please!

Spotlights on photographers or projects would be really cool, though I know they’re a lot more work. It’s really interesting seeing how someone works and how they came to see a particular photo where someone else wouldn’t have.


I do think that’s an idea I want to try out and I think it may help get a discussion going.

I’ll see what’s involved in terms of research, and even if I can only manage 1 of these types of post a week it’ll vary things up a bit

Thanks for the input, I appreciate it!

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