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“The Cell Games, Presented by Hetap.”


Capitalism commodifies death

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That makes sense. Every cracker I know loves true crime.

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For a second I expected a bunch of crows eating a salted cookie.


Ah yes Ritz. The real cereal killer.


I feel like the fact that we’re making entertainment out of real people’s murders is the real “ABoringDystopia” post and not the fact that advertisers put ads on a show that was made to make money off of advertisements.

Unless the concept of ads in of itself is the target of this post in which case, yeah fuck the war on non-monetized viewspace.


If it makes you feel any better, we’ve been doing for like my entire life. Pretty sure a lot of us grew up with our parents watching Unsolved Mysteries.


Ok see an unsolved mystery is one thing, because then you could argue that maybe the next of kin are trying to invite fresh perspectives onto the case, but a lot of the times it’s just making ghoulish entertainment out of a case we know the answers to.

The toolbox killers are the biggest example of it, it’s cut and dry that they did what they did, and even worse that having to endure interacting with the evidence is a risk factor in inducing PTSD and suicidal tendencies, and yet like an idiot the news crew still showed up just in time for the court gallery to all flee the courtroom and leave the door open for long enough for what I can only call the single most tortured scream I’ve ever known a human to make to get blasted onto the airwaves, and the psychopaths just keep recording the door!

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I remember watching The Brink’s Job (1978) on TV, sponsored by Brink’s …


Was it a white guy that did it? Damn crackers.


Ritz is in cahoots with Netflix and Big Wine. Stay vigilant, comrades.

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