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Where everyone’s an influencer and everything’s for sale - The Verge (www.theverge.com)

The video feed of Flip, a short-form vertical app, is a 2020s QVC in a nightmare, as if a bunch of teens started an influencer marketing agency where brand safety is not a real concept. It doesn’t really matter what’s in these videos, as long as the product being reviewed is linked below.

Business Insider would like Gen Z to know that workplace anxiety is healthy and their problem is that they need more of it. (www.businessinsider.com)

“Suzy Welch, an NYU business professor, previously said the trend is fuelled by Gen Z’s ‘strong desire to avoid anxiety at any cost’ because they haven’t made hard decisions or done hard things....

The Country With Nothing Left to Lose (foreignpolicy.com)

Nauru is the “world’s richest little isle,” the New York Times proclaimed in 1982, the result of a decadeslong mining rush for the island’s phosphate bounty. But once the mining boom went bust, so too did the money—setting Nauru on a quest for cash that has seen it launder money for the Russian mafia; effectively...

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