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just some of the increasingly bizarre things I've spotted in the Resonance Archives.
#VintageStory #LetsPlay

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The past two weeks I've been playing Vintage Story a few hours every night before going to sleep.

It's a Minecraft "clone" with more immersive crafting mechanics and a horror lore and monster set. It feels very self-consistent, although it is also quite grindy.

Today I've just finished the main dungeon of the current patch. Time to shelve this game for a bit. Maybe I'll play Dwarf Fortress next?


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@gamingonlinux unfortunately yes :). Minecraft screwed me up


@gamingonlinux This post reminded me that I wanted to try this game, and after watching some trailers and seeing the update history, I decided to buy the "family" 4 pack. I'm playing single player at the moment but I am very excited to gift the 3 copies to my friends and get a server fired up! It's a blast!

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