No johnson Johnson and his handlers must be very happy. Fuck all the people who could have done something about this and didn’t because of political bullshit.


The reason they did this is that this is exactly the outcome they wanted.


They took Putin’s dirty money, and they stabbed a democratic ally in the back. They are traitors.

But they have do have support, because the information space in America is owned by corporate interests, and they want us to go fascist.

I hate to say it, but I think Trump is going to win. The Powers That Be in America have always wanted to go fascist. This is their chance.

And their money owns everything here. They built a system designed to transfer all wealth to the top. Our wealth inequality has gone beyond pre-Revolution France. It’s ridiculous.


I hate to say it, but I think Trump is going to win.

I agree with you. By forcing refusing to allow any real debate on who the nominee was going to be, we’ve ended up with basically the worst candidate possible. Biden has completely blown the handling of Gaza. He’s completely misread whats going on and also the US reaction to it. Biden has basically lost Michigan at this point.

I dont know if he has a way out of what he’s set up in congress, but he’s been so timid at using the bully pulpit, he has almost no ability to set the narrative. Its almost like he just expects it to happen because he’s president.

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