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Interpol may want to work on their borscht recipe. Plenty of ICC warrants just waiting to pick off overconfident Russian war-criminal/sport fans, and plenty of time yet to get several more rounds processed and approved.


I've been boycotting Olympics for, I don't remember how long. I didn't like autocrats hosting it, I didn't like the Tokyo shit show (am Japanese), and regarding London I even don't remember anymore why I didn't watch.

I'd dare ask... Why do people watch Olympics, anyway?

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Olympics are nothing but a scam anyhow. I can't boycott that stupid shit any harder.


These athletes are probably going to be booed and spit on.


No one can make their opinions known quite like Parisians


They should let in Ukrainian people living along the frontline and protest in the middle of the stadium, every damn match. They should understand how disgusting it is to ignore the voices and enjoy sports instead.

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