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[Update] Questions about the future of this community.

It has been almost a month since I've created this community, and I'd like to ask for some feedback:

  1. Do you think that I post too much? It takes a lot of time to follow all the news, and to post articles all the time. I'd be happy to post less, but I'm afraid that this community might slowly go down.
    I was thinking about posting news a few hours later, so other people will have a chance to post too. In case something wasn't posted I'll do that a bit later.

  2. What type of content would you like to see more? Would you like to see more videos/memes/etc? If so - what?

  3. (Not actually a question) I don't think that we need any more moderators for now. During this month there was only was one person banned, and two of their comments banned. Thanks for being nice and respectful to each other.

  4. Do you have any questions suggestions?

  5. Please upvote/boost/comment more. This helps other people to see the news and discover the community.

Thanks for supporting Ukraine.
Слава Україні!


I like memes! Memes can teach something. I tried to post an map image here that illustrates my point, but I can’t seem to upload an image. (Connect App, Android) I’ll save the brilliant post until I can get on my Mac. Keep up the good work!

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I tried to post an map image here that illustrates my point, but I can’t seem to upload an image.

That's weird. I just tried to post using my Lemmy account (Liftoff app), and it worked fine. I had a problem deleting the post though. The post was deleted on instance, but not on kbin.
Please try again when you have time, and tell me how it went.


No, you don’t post too much, you post high quality stuff in large quantities. Just don’t burn yourself out! I’m fine with th current moderation, I agree that there’s no need for more mods right now.

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