Jesica, in Give me some fun travel ideas!

I would advise you Las Vegas. Given the unpredictability of the city, renting a car will be a great solution for you. From my own experience, transportation gives more freedom to choose the direction and schedule, making every moment more flexible. When visiting places of interest, such as the Strip or Red Rock, try to take into account the tour schedule for additional knowledge of history and culture. Also you can visit the Automobile Museum and the Madame Tussauds Museum. To make your vacation unforgettable, consider attending shows and entertainment activities, choosing what suits your taste and interests. I hope I helped you

Pons_Aelius, in Airlines are frustrating travelers by changing frequent flyer program rules – here's why they keep doing it

Airline loyalty programs have been shit since the link to credit card rewards came in decades ago.

When they were based solely on flights, they had some decent benefits.

Since then a regular flyer is better of taking the cheapest flight, regardless of carrier, than being locked into a loyality program with one.

ScienceNuts, in First Photos Of Northern Pacific Airways' Navigators Club Lounge In Anchorage
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Nice space.

ScienceNuts, in Venice - there's no place like it
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Beautiful light. It's almost surreal.

herriott101, in Give me some fun travel ideas!
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Where are you based? That might give us some ideas of places/things to suggest.

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I live in the Northern Midwest in the US

herriott101 avatar

Ah, I'm in Europe so I can't give any specific recommendations with regards to places. However, I would always suggest doing some hiking and camping. It's such a refreshing way to spend time and getting into nature always recharges me. I believe that there are some excellent trails in the that kind of area.

Friend, in Why are some of the best airlines based out of Asia?
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With zero industry insight or insider knowledge I am happy to make an assumption if I may be so bold.

Countries like Qatar and Singapore Airlines are international symbols of their countries and cultures. Therefore while they obviously don't want to operate at a loss, the profit motive is not their only primary concern.

They need to keep quality sky high to maintain their country's luxury branding. It's all about prestige on the world stage and ultimately power and influence.

jclinares avatar

Yeah, Qatar and Emirates are, of course, subsidized by their governments' oil money. I didn't know Singapore Airlines was also a state-owned airline, but if it is, it makes sense in that way, too.

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