TIL I learned of the "Tartarian Empire" conspiracy theory, which holds that all those large 19th century buildings were actually built by a prior global civilization that was destroyed by "mud floods".

I mean, how do you deal with something like that? There were so many buildings of that type because cities in the 19th century were growing rapidly thanks to growing populations and industrialization, and European Colonialism exported this kind of building style to the rest of the world. This is no great mystery, and there is ample documentary evidence for this.

I wish I could believe that the adherents of this notion did so as a joke. But alas, here we are...


Wow that’s a pretty neat conspiracy theory man

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The way I explain it to people is "it used to be that materials were expensive and labor was cheap, so you got a lot of fine detail work to make the most out of those materials. Now materials are cheap and labor is expensive, and there's a lot more incentive at every level to cut costs.

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There was a subreddit for this conspiracy theory where people posted photos of (now gone) old-timey buildings from like 1893 World Fair and were like "Look! There! It's all true"

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