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♡ im minnie ♡
she/her - 21

my scripts

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Developer and surfer of the web

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I translate German folk tales.

I am also interested in tabletop role-playing games.

Mastodon: @juergen_hubert

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Chaotic good or we can't be friends.

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Just another Reddit castaway looking for a home. Avid RPG and roguelike enthusiast.

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Honestly I don't know who I am either.
I'm also on Firefish: @zlatiah

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28, gender returned undefined. I read too much. DM me book suggestions

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[He/Him, Nosist, Touch typist, Enthusiast, Superuser impostorist, keen-eyed humorist, endeavourOS shillist, kotlin useist, wonderful bastard, professinal pedant miser]
Stuped person says stuped things, people boom
Maybe migrating to

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🔞 my profile contains NSFW


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I like turning things into other things
he/him | California, USA

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hello why are you here

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Hey, y’all! Just another random, loudmouthed, opinionated, Southern-fried nerdy American living abroad.

I’m moving off kbin to lemmy, so I won’t be posting from here (unless kbin social gets it together).

Mastodon: @stopthatgirl7

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Software since 1998. Ex-Apple. I smushed AppKit and UIKit together and never looked back.

Black lives matter. Trans lives matter. LGBT+ rights are human rights. Healthcare, security, a decent income, and housing with dignity are human rights. Abortion is healthcare. Science is our best hope as a species. Kindness and empathy are the noblest of human traits.

I block assholes and bigots.


My posts are searchable.

Ask me anonymously: avatar


Mostly complete digital works at and -- I wrote books about tools for thought, virtual communities, virtual reality, smart mobs, taught classes at UC Berkeley & Stanford on digital journalism, social media issues, social media literacies. Now I make art. I'm interested in all of the above & like to follow knowledgeable ppl about current events, science, humor, community. #technology #onlinecommunities #art #socialmedia #learning #edutech avatar


Welcome to Embedded, a weekly podcast. We’re here to chat about the interests, careers, and lives of engineers, artists, educators and makers. Our diverse guest list includes names you may have heard and engineers working quietly in the trenches. Either way, they are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and inspiring. We’d love to share our enthusiasm for science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM).
Elecia ( & Chris White (@stoneymonster) avatar


A secondary school English Teacher looking to connect with interesting, innovative people. Loves good cheese, good walks and good animals. avatar


Senior lecturer at ZJE and Edinburgh university.
I teach #imageanalysis & #dataanalysis with #RStats & #python. I study #heterogeneity in #pituitary (and other) cells.


Aktuelle Nachrichten aus dem Auswärtigen Amt #diplogram avatar


I'm voting for Biden. There IS no other choice right now.
Warning: I often refrain from speaking like a lady.
Ram Dass "We're all just walking each other home."
Potter, painter, writer, musician #musician #potter #painter #writer
Mom's knickname for me while I was growing up was "Hey, you" and/or "ummmm". I've trained my cat to answer to both, so now I feel much better about my mother.


Streameuse mêlant JV & Sciences Sociales. Projet d'educ pop 🏴. Chroniqueuse pour Arte et Blast 💥 avatar


I just want the kids to be at their 25th reunion like “Hey remember Miss Mac? She was the best school librarian ever.” avatar


PT: Educador de tec. e artes, pesquisa práticas artísticas que se valem de meios computacionais e ensino de programação em contextos visuais. Co-organizador da Noite de Processing. Doutorando na FECFAU-Unicamp.

EN: Tech and art educator, researcher of artistic work that makes use of computational means and how to teach programming in a visual context. Co-organizer of Noite de Processing. PhD candidate at FECFAU-Unicamp.

#SãoPaulo #Processing #Python #py5 #ForaBluetooth #CreativeCoding #FLOSS avatar


Posting my #NowPlaying and music-oriented articles helps create more tags.

If you happen to enjoy some of the same tags, right on, we have something in common. 🤘

Direct-follow the account for all the B.S.

Follow #TheMetalDogIsNowPlaying for everything I'm listening to, across multiple genres. Fair Warning: It's not always metal.

Follow #TheMetalDogArticleList for misc articles.

#TheMetalDogAIArtList for AI Art

Otherwise, stick to the targeted band or genre hashtags.

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"Vell, Vill iz just zis guy, you know?"

#French-Born #London-Based Emeritus #Software Engineer and Chartered #Computing #Teacher (Secondary)

Evaluating (I'm on a micro-instance!)

I tread on toes and push buttons. avatar


Chicago-based writer and photographer, rare-book dealer and indie lit book editor. Blog: |

AI PLEDGE: I promise that all content on this page has been, and will always be, created with a human brain and human fingers, never with an AI bot.


The account of AI6YR Ben, on his own server. Also at (ham radio). Yes, I'm the guy who found that hiker using only the selfie of his feet. If you want to support this server, avatar


Blogger, Teacher, Father, Immigrant.

  • Gallivants on the Seto Inland Sea art islands.
  • French, but teaches English at a Japanese university.
  • Raises two wonderful kids that drive him nuts.
  • Doesn't read nearly enough these days.
  • Writes things. Tries to be better at it, both quantitatively and qualitatively.
  • Hopes the world doesn't end soon.
  • Mostly talks about #Japan, #Education, #Crows and #Climate here (the shitposts are on my other account) avatar


Hi, I’m Gregor Niehl, a tech enthusiast from Germany born in 2007. I am generally interested in all things #Linux and #OpenSource.

I write apps for the #GNOME desktop, and am part of the GNOME Foundation and the GNOME Circle Committee. avatar


Hi, this is Andre. I'll be writing about software architecture and development, cyber security, UX/UI topics, politics, and queer experiences. I'm a classically trained musician and music composer, band director, and music instructor. I'm handfasted, have kids, and play and create (video) games. Sometimes I don't recognize social cues. avatar


I work with computers. avatar


Ex-Head of #communications @ Quora
Formerly Mendeley & Elsevier
Catalyst, not reagent. Caring more about fewer things.
Profile searchable via tootfinder avatar


Family Caregiver.
Eco/Social Justice Activist. Disability Advocate. Decolonizer. Accessibility Consultant. Eldercare Liason.
Teochew Chinese. War & Polio Survivor.
Neurodivergent. Nature lover. Cat lover. Photographer. Avid gardener. Water & forest protector. Moss toucher. Tree hugger. Bird watcher. GenX. Anti-capitalist.
Vancouver Island, BC.

#AsianMastodon #BIPOC #StopEcocide #BeTheChange avatar


Law professor, philosopher, progressive. Committed to rule of law and pluralistic democracy. Interests include art, books, history, science, cats, sharp wit. Boosts are not necessarily endorsements. avatar


Distraction.Engineer 🔬⚙️

:ik1: :ik2: :ik3:

Best known for the #GameJam. #LDJam

#GameDev #IndieDev since the 90s. Shipped many GameBoy, PlayStation, and Mobile games. Won a car! 🚗

Focused on #WebDev, #ML, and frying up Interactive Snacks.

Into #cooking, #DIY #electronics, #retro gaming. Takes everything too far. 🤓

Coming to terms with extreme #ADHD. 😅

AKA PoV, PoVRAZOR, VA3POV on 🐷📡 | Last name=Casper+Zack | PG | He/Him 🍁

Support 🏳️‍⚧️ rights! Be kind to furries! avatar

  • Author of:
    • "Out of Time"
    • "The Singular Case of the Three Witches"
    • "Scavenger Hunt"
    • "Last Call"
    • "The Roland Targus Series"

  • iOS dev, thought provoker, ideaist, paronomasiac, etc. avatar


A technology enthusiast and privacy, security and FOSS advocate that specialized in DevOps for companies and individuals across North America and Europe. Founder and operator of Adamsdesk.

#BSD #cycling #DOS #fitness #FOSS #GNU #infosec #Lego #linux #MOC #MSDOS #OpenSource #OpSec #OSINT #pinball #privacy #RightToRepair #security #StarTrek #Unix avatar


web tech, cringe puns, and overthinking avatar


Philosopher & neuroscientist.
Paddy & resident of France.
Research: Myside bias, education, experimentalism/instrumentalism, experience.
Advocacy: #NoFeeScience

Uni de Bordeaux & Bdx-Montaigne

Posts in English & French avatar


Software engineering manager by trade. Interested in improving where I live through #urbanism. Left-ish. avatar


#Teacher, #Cartoonist, #Writer, #Podcaster.

Doing what I can as I can with a little #horror thrown in for good measure.

Check my links; alt-accounts in pinned Toots.

Migrated from avatar


#Flipboard :flipboard: is my platform of choice. Partner at Hoticemedia. #DigitalArtist. Aspiring #Photographer. #Marketer by day and #Artist by night. #Traveler. #Art, #GraphicDesigner avatar


Science/IT teacher in a country Australian town. Don't really want to be identified by my students, so leaving it brief. avatar


Journaliste franco-allemand. Carte de presse 128794. Suivez les coulisses de la vie politique, les #off sont de moi. Mes pouets n'engagent que moi. "Timeo hominem unius libri" avatar


Retired teacher of kids and coding, lifelong learner, author of Hard Fun: Supercharge Your Middle School CS Classroom with Project-based, Hands-on, Just-in-time Learning! Minecraft Global Mentor, Raspberry Pi Certified Educator, blues afficianado, and getting back into DMing DnD. N00b #emacs and #orgmode convert. avatar


Programming, tech, gaming & other geeky topics from Sherri Wheeler.

Occasional business, handiwork, electronics, parenting and fitness content.

🐘 PHP/JS developer with miles to go before I sleep();

All posts are my own - never AI generated.

Ally & anti-racist. Bigoted or harassing replies get blocked & reported.

Available for part-time contract work.



#nobridge #nobot


Hi, I am running a single-user instance at

I'm owned by two cats, Mew and Tommy. My profile picture is an abstract representation of Tommy, and the banner is Tommy with a coffee mug.

This is a personal account without a particular theme in mind, so I post all kinds of stuff. Opinions are my own. See intro post below for more details.

If you want to follow me: please make sure 1) you have a profile and 2) you are not too off-putting for a regular person on the Fediverse. I typically follow back approved follows. avatar


Business Intelligence, Data Governance, Kittens, Heavy Metal, Food, Fighting, and anti-Fascism. Microsoft employee, all views are mine not theirs. He/Him/His.

Search enabled in Mastodon profile.


Journal d'information numérique, indépendant et participatif. Seuls nos lecteurs peuvent nous acheter !

Nous avons déménagé notre compte sur notre propre instance, rendez-vous ici : avatar


Former Sailor, past Mobile DJ, bragging up Nova Scotia, and sharing amazing places. Extremely varied interests (except Sports), no hard-line Politics, just part of daily conversation. If you don't describe your photos, I probably won't boost them. Here to share what I know for newbies on Mastodon. Talks too much. Easily excitable. Early riser full of ADHD & Vinegar!

Life is what you make it.

#WAYCTV (𝐖hen 𝐀re 𝐘ou 𝐂oming 𝐓o 𝐕isit?)
Profile Photo of a younger me, animated. avatar


Web development (frontend, Web APIs), Web app security, build tools, Java, Kotlin, Gradle, etc. avatar


I'm the opposite of a murderer: I unstab people to life with my anti-knife.

I work in #theater, used to work in #computers as a #programmer, sometimes I #AmWriting and I dabble in #TTRPGs.

When my ADHD allows it, I love to read. #Fantasy is my jam but I enjoy a good #Mystery.

#BLM, #ACAB, #ADHD, #LGBTQIAdjacent, #NoTerfs, #NaziPunksFuckOff, #LandBack, #Leftist, #DisabledRights, #EatTheRich, #TransRightsAreHumanRights, #SexWorkIsWork #ReproductiveRightsAreHumanRights


IT person, video game player, knowledge lover. Love to read interesting stories & watch #ttrpgs. tfr avatar


Hugo- and Nebula-winning writer of THE KUIPER BELT JOB, the ARABELLA OF MARS trilogy, and over 50 science fiction and fantasy stories. He/him. :heart_bi: avatar


#TransportPlanning & #MobilityJustice #research. Studying, teaching, learning, tooting about 🚶‍♀️🚲 🚌 & 🛣️, with occasional outbursts about #dogs, #kids, & #gardening. Searchable on tootfinder. Opinions my own.

Not anti-car, just anti-carbrain. Fare-free transit is good policy. A person, not a data point.

Lead tooter at avatar


audiobook narrator/voice actor + writer/editor/script dev/filmmaker + much more. artist & friend of artists. human & friend of humans. thinker. feeler.


My posts are licensed CC-BY-NC-ND - see

#fedi22 #Audiobooks #AudiobookNarrator #VoiceActor #Romance

#NoBot #NoSearch #NoIndex [As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.] avatar


Non-English #DigitalHumanities staff at Stanford. #DataSittersClub founder, Association for Computers & the Humanities co-President, #SUCHO co-founder.

Likes textiles / sewing, youth literature, writing about interesting failures.

Non-binary / any pronouns, prefers gender-neutral nouns.

Formerly on Twitter. avatar


>> in my 60s
>> pronouns he/him/"hey asshole"
>> near #Atlanta, #Georgia, #USA, #Earth

"Those who choose the lesser evil forget very quickly that they chose evil."
— Hannah Arendt

Did you know that you can be #disabled and not /look/ disabled? It's true.

#CovidIsNotOver! :meowMask: #WearAMask!

#ItsTheGoddamnGuns #EatTheRich
#Healthcare #BasicIncome
#SaveTheBees #SaveTheOceans #SaveOurselves

I use the #IAmDB hashtag to find my own original toots. avatar


I'm an environmental economist who researches econ pedagogy to make learning economics marginally less dismal.

My pipe-dream is to write a fantasy novel/economics textbook, which is getting closer to reality every day.

#economics #TeachEcon #sustainability #DoughnutEconomics #degrowth

Profile pic is me smiling in front of a whiteboard with economics gibberish -- cause econ makes me happy.

Background is my dog, Freya, who is derpily sticking her tongue out while passed out. avatar


Chemistry teacher, hobby web developer (#Flask, #HTMX), beekeeper, wannabe homesteader.


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