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#HitchinHackspace open evening is on Monday evening.
We will be open from 19:30 until 22:00 to give folks who may be interested in what we do, and what facilities we can provide, a chance to come and have a look round and meet some of our members.
All are welcome. If you have ever wondered what we did to convert a derelict toilet into a hackspace, or what a "hackspace" is for that matter, come and have a look around.
If you like to create, make or craft things why not pay us a visit?
We have tools and equipment that cover a wide range of hobbies, crafts and technologies: woodwork, metalwork, electronics, laser cutting, vinyl cutting, sewing, 3D printing.....
Free tea, coffee and a biscuit or two.
#Hitchin #Letchworth #Stevenage #Baldock #NorthHerts #hackspace #NorthHertsMakers
#make #craft #invent #learn

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