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Today I learned why you're not allowed to use surge protectors on board cruise ships when you're travelling (they confiscate them if they're found).

Link to a US coast guard safety notice PDF:

Effectively, the voltage on ships is often evenly split at the socket so protectors may trip on what they think is the hot wire surging but leave the other still live to potentially overheat and start a fire. Which is bad, m'kay.

#TodayILearned #TIL #Cruise #Travel

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What are the arguments for and against making one's lecture materials (hand outs, presentations) publicly available on one's website?

I've never met Jeff Speaks, but his philosophy of language and mind handouts posted online have helped me so many times with trying to understand something. Now that I have tenure I kind of want to pay it forward.
But this isn't done very often, so I worry there are downsides I am not taking into account. Thoughts?


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@pjw @academicchatter I don't think there are (m)any downsides. I've been a professor in both Germany and Denmark, which means I've always been paid for by the public. And I actually feel that it's my obligation to make the results of my work available to the public as well, no matter if from research or teaching. See here for the latter:


@pjw @academicchatter I do it for my courses, and post quite detailed (too detailed) content: eg My employer does claim IP in all course materials, but I publish all under a Creative Commons license and so claim I’m writing OERs.

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I made 100+ video interviews +blog posts about innovators in digital media and #learning


“Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty! Recreate a #virus, an #exploit PoC, or a system component. Single step through your #programs, or even the #kernel. Look up what you don't know. Listen to stories told by others. #Share what you #learn. #Challenge your own assumptions. See how you can apply this thinking to other things too.” 💯


@raptor single stepping a concurrent system like kernel may be deceptive but overall I agree.


I have volunteered to write 2 tutor sessions (about 20 mins each) on and for teachers to deliver to Y10 (14-15 year olds). Anything I’ll forget to include or don’t know?

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  1. Read this: by @Saltssaltgirl who teaches high school students with emotional regulation challenges in an urban district.

  2. If you can, go here and help out the students in her classroom:

(You can also support her via Venmo: @LDteach and Cash App: $LDteach)

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@Saltssaltgirl As their tummies rumble, as they worry about what's going on at home, as they feel increasingly overwhelmed by local and world events....

I understand that kids' academic progress is important -- I'm the daughter of two very intense educators 😆 -- but I think our state and federal governments have no clue just how bad the last few years have been for kids. And the "get back to normal as fast as possible" mindset allows zero space for the toll it's all taken.

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One of the things you learn pretty quickly in teaching is that everyone loves stickers. Even Year 11s. Even teachers. Bought these amazing (completely un-subject related) ones from Etsy and I love them so much - can't wait to use them. #Cheese #Stickers #Etsy #teaching #Edutooter #BeingBethanyRosePlans #BBRPlans @edutooters


@hlseward @edutooters

I hope the stinky-cheese stickers are also Scratch-n-Sniff.


@hlseward @edutooters I received some address labels and they came with stickers to put on the back of the envelope and I was happy! 🤣🤣

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This is what it is like to teach in so many places in the United States.Grinding poverty,the lack of social services & public investment, and indifference of those in power to the marginalized, as well asthe lie of the "American Dream" are a toxic combination. We end up spending out of pocket just so a kid can have some gloves or a snack.Meanwhile you have #GOP governors turning down FOOD FOR CHILDREN!

#AmericanEducation #teaching #teachers #education #USA

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@eddeeMN @Saltssaltgirl

The last day of school for the year can be so hard. So many children cry because school IS home, and your heart breaks for them all summer.

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#learn The Michelin company, a tire company, invented the restaurant rating system. The automobile industry was still on the rise, with only around 3,000 cars on the road. In 1900, as a way to promote more automobile travel and, in turn, boost tire sales for their company, the Michelin brothers launched the Michelin Guide. All to boost tire sales!!


@Lizette603_23 I had this comic saved for years, your post reminded me of it :)

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When I was teaching in a classroom, I asked students to read & agree to this before admission to the course:

#learning #cooperation #collaboration

In this learning community, we’re going to be inquiring & reflecting more than delivering & memorizing, & we’re going to be thinking, discussing, learning as a group as well as learning individually — we’re going to be collaborative (working together on projects) & cooperative (co-responsible for each other’s learning)

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How is it that formerly (mostly) satisfied teachers, nurses, civil servants, and you know, a lot of people who buy food are all suddenly in such bad shape? Why is it so hard to find a place to live?

Where did all the wealth go that could alleviate these conditions? Did a black hole open up suddenly and just make it disappear?

Every story about social ills should start with the cause. The accumulation of wealth by a sociopathic few, how “this” is just another symptom, and what real solutions look like.

(By the way, if you enter the conversation with a comment like “Teachers are never satisfied, they get five months off and a yacht," – Fuck off, you pathetic troll, here's the block you're craving)

#FoodInsecurity #Teaching #HealthCare #MentalHealth #SocialJustice

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@MichaelPorter Costs should be stated in minimum wage labor hours in most, if not all, reporting about the economy.

40 hrs a week at minimum wage is only $500 over the federal definition of poverty in 2023 for a single person which is only ~69 hours of income.

2 weeks without income in a year is enough to fall under the line.

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@MichaelPorter I don't have a pension, so I've had to manage my retirement. I've worked enough in the federal government to know that some people just don't bother to manage their money (meaning they spend their entire income) and will let their pension take care of things. Must be nice. Some actually worry about how they will survive on 70% of their pay. I was aghast.

Maybe this is part of the problem.

Also, greed and gouging is totally tolerated now.

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Did you know there's a range of keyboard shortcuts in Mastodon's Web interface?

Just press the "?" key to view a list of hotkeys.

sascha, German

Info | Ich werde die Inhaltswarnung (Content Warning) von Mastodon etc. jetzt bei mir ausschalten und auch nicht mehr weitergeben

Warum ich das so mache? Weil sie an diversen Stellen missbräuchlich benutzt wird, was mich ungemein nervt. Das ist Kindergarten pur und darauf habe ich um ehrlich zu sein keine Lust mehr

Tags #Info #Fediverse #Inhaltswarnung #Content-Warning #Kindergarten #Sascha #2024-01-14

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@sascha Ich stimme dir teilweise zu, vielleicht nehme ich das auch nicht ernst genug?

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