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Focus on Taiwan politics with some posts about Thailand and China. Supporting human rights and democracy everywhere. avatar


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Legal 👽 in Taiwan

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Official account of Japan's most widely read English-language news source. Est. 1897. avatar


Formerly Photos my own. Flowers, food, places, hobbies. Non-photo content at avatar


Writer, director, actor, musician.
Taiwan resident. 🇹🇼

Love artistic pursuits. Fascinated by science. Don’t know much about mathematics but know what I like.

Pro-reality. Pro-imagination.
Pro-democracy. Pro-Taiwan.

Respect to the Kavalan people,
original settlers of this valley.

Alma maters:
DMA Peabody Conservatory JHU
MM U Memphis
BME Florida State

banner image is from ‘Taiwan Photowalk’

Live the questions now. avatar


VOA chief national correspondent/former White House bureau chief; Author, ‘Behind the White House Curtain.’ Adjunct asst. professor, Shenandoah Univ.; Adjunct lecturer in journalism, Univ. of Richmond; 2022-23 journalist-in-residence, Univ. of Pittsburgh School of Law; Kiplinger Fellow, Ohio Univ.; American Foreign Service Assoc. governing board; Nevada Broadcasters Assoc. Hall of Fame; W7VOA on ham radio. avatar


Trying out Mastodon. Part of 2022 Twitter migration

Duolingo user: Nihongo, français

Fan of Ph volleyball team Creamline Cool Smashers.

Fan of BINI. Bias for Maloi

I still wear a mask to protect myself and other people, even if I hate them. Public health is more important than the inconvenience of wearing a mask.

Seeing dogs, especially puppies, makes me happy.

LGBT+ rights are human rights. We are all people

Warning: I boost a lot


The account of AI6YR Ben, on his own server. Also at (ham radio). Yes, I'm the guy who found that hiker using only the selfie of his feet. If you want to support this server, avatar


Machine Learning / Software Engineer, Physicist, Hacker. Based in #Taiwan. From #Hungary. Blogging as

Often found with: :python: :archlinux: avatar


I am a retired government CIO. #Podcast host (Fusion Patrol.) Married, 25 years, kids at university. Citizen #Potawatomi Nation member. #Ebike enthusiast. #Atheist. SciFi & Tokusatsu Fan (Trek, Doctor Who, Blakes 7, Babylon 5, Kamen Rider, Ultraman, and many more.). Love a good crossword or #KillerSudoku. Recently published app in iOS App Store (Killer Sudoku Aide.) Probably other stuff but I wasn't expecting the Spanish Inquisition. avatar


Taiwan-based anthropologist.

#anthropology #taiwan #indigeneity #fedi22 avatar


Tim Maddog: Countering propaganda, connecting the dots, and informing the world about Taiwan's existing independence and demand for recognition. avatar


Should see little noise and only relevant content regarding OSINT here. Sanity checked but not always NSFL.
banned from youtube, osint not appreciated it appears.
If you are an extremist jerk, I will likely block you, welcome! avatar



• conflict, diplomacy, elections, protests, unrest
• global news 'deep cuts' from locales off the beaten path
• local news sources + local views + local expert analysis

| math addict | science geek | linguaphile | Cold War history buff | advocate of critical thinking and media literacy | bass guitarist | voracious reader | aspiring Luddite |

Posts, RT ≠ endorsement!


One image. A few sentences. More or less every day. Cameras allow us to see the world with fresh eyes. I hope to share mine on both sides of the lens. (Taking a social media break in December.) avatar


Eating, breathing and thinking bicycles - and yes, riding them and writing about it. Frequent visitor and lover of Taiwan, based in Switzerland.
Neither paid by CIA nor Falun Gong.
ENG/GER/NED avatar


Asia-focused (🇯🇵🇲🇾🇮🇩 & #Tibet) global #journalist covering #environment, #energy #sustainability #HumanRights & supply chains. DM for Signal 🔑

Location: Usually #Japan, sometimes California or #Indonesia. searchable via avatar

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• A irreverent guy with a wandering spirit, stranger in a strange land.
• Politically incorrect.
• Microsoft and Big Tech hater, Linux user.
• Bookworm: Classic Theology, Philosophy, History and Novels reader.
• Analog music collector: Compact Discs, Vinyl Records and Cassettes in the XXI century.
• Old videogames lover: DOOM, Wolfenstein, ROTT, Heretic, Wolfenstein, etc.
• Japanophile, Asian Movies and Music lover, addicted to JPop since 1985.

#fedi22 #JPop #Japan #JapaneseMusic #1980s #Retro avatar


Two women 🇹🇼🇬🇧🏳️‍🌈 who hike in the forests and mountains of Taiwan. ⛰You can find lots of info on our site if you want to get out into the hills yourself. 🔗
#Taiwan #Hiking avatar


Ich lebe als Journalist in Taipeh und teile hier Eindrücke vom Leben in #Taiwan. Da gibt es viel zu sehen. Interessant? Neugierig? Fragt mich was. avatar


Veneto-Swiss agent of #Taiwan soft power living in the wonderful Canton Ticino.
Unapologetically globalist. Proudly localist. Friendly nihilist. Kinda Buddhist. avatar


BBC #journalist, watches opposition in #Russia, FSU, E. Europe, Syria. Not a BBC spox, views my own, some humour 😵‍💫, migrant.

Working on a radio programme, focusing on world news.

Posts in unexpected languages, incl Hun, Ger, Ukr, Rus, Cz, Slo, dabbler in typos.

Sharing #Ukraine war #news of the #BBCWorldService

#TheGlobalJigsaw #podcast here:

Fan of #catsofmastodon
#Fedi22 avatar


The best of animation each week! avatar


writer (Rebel Code, Digital Code of Life, Walled Culture), journalist, blogger. on #openness, the #commons, #copyright, #patents and #DigitalRights. email:; PGP: E4962A75 #London #UK avatar


Founder, The Counteroffensive. Based in Kyiv, trying to tell the news of the war through compelling, human interest stories. Read us at avatar


Sharing info on COVID since the start of the pandemic


💻 IT Systems Administrator
💪 GYMaHOLIC (COVID forced me to invest in a home gym) avatar


Professional memefluencer traveling the world. She / her. avatar


Interactive weather map and hurricane tracker. Real-time satellite imagery, radar, forecast maps and more. avatar


Working with #Drosophila to understand #sleep and #circadian rhythm. Lecturer in #Neurogenetics at University of Leicester
#Han #Taiwanese. #parent. Some history and politics too.
searchable, opinions my own avatar


Assc Prof of Chinese, gamer, reader of books. Translator of Zhang Tianyi's The Pidgin Warrior and Mao Dun's Waverings. Ex-98G avatar


Mostly retired #journalist (ex-CBS News, ex-AP, etc). Master’s degree in #philosophy. Friend to #animals. Usually annoyed about something. Thank you for reading my posts. #journalism #philosophy #animals #history


Scientist at NCI-NIH, AMNH | Bioinformatics, cancer, evolution, viruses | Singing, coffee, books, lifting | Views my own | he/他 📍Taipei, Taiwan & Michigan, USA avatar


Hello Mastodon, my name is Rob. I'm a relatively normal person but with a weird accent. I've lived in four countries, at least as many alternative universes, and countless alternative realities. I'm fascinated with all sorts of cultures, languages, music, and foods. Some folks know me as a #writer, a lay #Buddhist, a #rabbit adopter, a #vegan, or a #photographer. I'm a #survivor of childhood abuse, so support children's issues and #MentalHealth. Nice to meet you! avatar


Fresh IT news from a variety of sources. Public service by @emanuel avatar

DaMeYiWu avatar


Go to the Source! avatar


College Political #Anthropology Prof.
Sharing the Interesting. Not always my position.
Bees, Plants, #kdrama or #cdrama slip in.
Argentine during World Cup.
Occasionally post in French or Spanish.
Migrated from bird site in Oct ‘22 wave.
Avatar: Thinking Chimp
Header: Young Humpback whale diving in Montreal’s Old Port, first ever. 500 km off course. June 2020.
Home: Tio’tia:ke, aka Montréal, Qc. CA avatar


Donate to Ukraine:

Donate to Ukraine Animals:

I post what I find interesting, funny, hilarious, evil, on my mind, etc at that specific moment. avatar


Overeducated, underqualified. Always a dabbler, never a professional. He/him/his. I am in #Denton TX USA

#sdf #powerpop #pcusa #economics #geography #cartography #transportation #ActiveTransportation #policing #SocialJustice
I love #cars but would rather be riding the #bus and #trains

Just an opinionated SDF member for 18+ years.

[Profile header is version of The Fight Between Carnival and Lent, Pieter Bruegel] avatar


Fractional CTO @ Bucket Listers. Follow for food thoughts with sprinkling of tech
#taiwan #台灣
#groceryshopping avatar


Husband to
Rachel ( )
#Bisexual #Xennial #Progressive #Transhumanism #Space #London #SimCity4

The Other Site:

Destroyer Of Worlds

Do NOT Tone Police me.
DMs are not for strangers. avatar


Finding wonder and documenting it 📸🌍 avatar


Professional landscape & nature photographer in San Diego, California. #German expat. Photography instructor, mentor, judge. #Lightroom expert, teacher, tutor. Environmentalist. #Chaparral naturalist. Introvert. Friend of single exposures, #Ambient music. Tries to steer clear of politics on social media.

Most posts auto-deleted after 2 months. (he/him) avatar


Götter sind für den Menschen unerreichbar...
🔴The world is full of colorful wonders. The Internet, full of nameless images.
Walls and photos have created artists. They should be named, too.
🔵Die Welt ist voller bunter Wunder. Das Internet, voller namenloser Bilder.
Wände und Fotos haben Künstler geschaffen. Sie sollten auch genannt werden.
#StreetArt #Art #Urbanart #Mastoart #Painting #Mural #Pasteup #StencilArt #Photography ➡️#APhotoLove avatar


I'm here to learn about the world.

I post about politics, climate change, economics, philosophy, being a father, programming, games, and more. avatar

a0dbxza avatar


Climate-friendly cars that fit the planet and the budget - and the cello
Plus climate news avatar


Navy Vet with a Marine Corps family. CA liberal living in conservative VA. 1960s style Women’s Rights fighting is back in vogue. Normally relay emergency info. *For live Western Fire info go to - *AlertCalifornia - *Weather info follow hashtag plus state abbreviations plus wx. Example - #CAwx, #OKwx *Earthquake info - @quakebot *EAS Watcher (includes Tornado Alerts) -

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