My journal entry about worrying, and how it is useless. Hope this helps people as much as it helped me writing it.

Focus on the present moment. Worrying about tomorrow will not make tomorrow anything different than would otherwise be. The only way you can change what happens is by changing how you meet it. What else are you able to adjust otherwise? I have never seen anyone worry hard enough to change the future. I have tried that, and...

It’s Going To Take A While, So You Need To Do This | Daily Stoic

It takes a lot of flying time to become a certified pilot. It takes years on stage for a comedian to learn how to command an audience. It takes time to get sober, time in therapy to heal a marriage. No book is written overnight, and few fortunes are made in one swoop. No, they start small and accumulate, the power of compounding...

Amor Fati. “A Love of Fate.” | Daily Stoic

If Memento Mori is there to remind us of how little time we have, how temporary our existence can be—then what do we have to remind us of how powerful we can be, what we can draw on even in the face of events completely outside our control? It’s another Latin phrase embodied and practiced by the Stoics: Amor Fati or “a...

You Must Play It Like A Game | Daily Stoic

Life may have big challenges in store for us. What’s more certain, as we talked about recently, is the ‘petty hazards of the day.’ We may find ourselves thrust in some crisis–a big political moment or some emergency that unfolds in front of us on the street. We will definitely experience traffic and obnoxious people and...

I. On Saving Time | Moral letters to Lucilius/Letter

Continue to act thus, my dear Lucilius – set yourself free for your own sake; gather and save your time, which till lately has been forced from you, or filched away, or has merely slipped from your hands. Make yourself believe the truth of my words, – that certain moments are torn from us, that some are gently removed, and...

The Only Part Of Your Reputation To Worry About | Daily Stoic

The Stoics were towering figures of their own time. Marcus Aurelius was cheered in the streets. Cato was widely admired. Musonius Rufus was called the Roman Socrates. Their reputations preceded them, as it should with anyone who takes their commitment to the virtues of courage and discipline and justice and wisdom seriously....

You Must Accept This | Daily Stoic

There was a message there in the mirror this morning. Did you see it? It must have been a strange experience for Marcus Aurelius the first time he saw it…waking up, looking at his reflection, and noticing his hair turning gray. Feeling his body creak. Looking at the crows feet at the corners of his eyes and the wild hairs...

This Is a Bad Way To Drive (and Live) | Daily Stoic

With the proliferation of dashcams and the spread of social media, we see these clips everywhere. It’s basically its own genre of video at this point. A driver is frustrated with someone going too slow in front of them, so they honk. Then they swerve, step on the gas to pass them–often waving a middle finger or honking a...

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