WWE RAW Discussion Thread 02/19/24

Tonight’s card includes:

  • Cody Rhodes takes on the sinister Drew McIntyre

  • Jey Uso seeks to take Gunther’s Intercontinental Championship

  • R-Truth, The Miz and combine to battle The Judgment Day

  • Huge “Last Chance” Battle Royal will determine the last Women’s Elimination Chamber entrant

  • Chad Gable to go head-to-head with Ivar

And more!

Show starts LIVE at 8pm EST | 5pm PST on USA. Check your local listings for more information.

JelloBrains avatar

They moved all the logos into the Top right corner... it really fucking bothers me and feels cluttered and distracting...

Drew & Rhodes was entertaining... having Jimmy and Solo interfere just reminds me that this story needs finishing.

Edit: That's top right corner of the TV.

GeekFTW avatar

logos top right

like...the screen bugs? or the 'lower thirds'? or both?

Cause....top right?!

JelloBrains avatar

The overlays/Bugs... The USA Network logo, the WWE Logo, and the Live #HashtagWeWanttoTrend were all combined in a stack and placed in the upper right quadrant of the screen.

GeekFTW avatar

....what the fuck....

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