r/SquaredCircle Moderator, Kentucky210, suffered 2 strokes over the holidays and his parents are asking for help with medical expenses. Update: He's finally home, still lots of recovering and rehabilitation to do, though.

Hey, wrestlefriends, I know we're not on wreddit any more, but I received a notification via their discord that one of their long time moderators, Kentucky210, suffered two strokes on Dec 23rd. His parents are asking his fellow wredditors for help with current and future medical expenses. As of this posting, they have just passed $3k of their $25k goal.

The gofundme link above (and below for fediverse friends, just in case) has more details.


Update 2-23-2024: Fundraiser has stagnated at about $8.5k, so I'll be throwing in another $25. Please don't take this as me pressuring anyone to donate. See latest comment for update on Kentucky210's condition.

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From what I understand, he's only 30 years old. And a teacher too. An absolutely awful thing to happen to someone so young.

I really hope they hit their goal and that he's able to bounce back from this. Doubt you'll ever see this, but I'm wishing you the best, Kentucky.

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Oof :(

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I'm just re-pinning this for a day because there's been a significant update:

Well folks Austin is home!! We are so excited!! Austin still has a lot of rehabilitation to do. He has speech, physical and occupational therapy throughout the week and continues to work on exercises even when the therapists are not here. He speaks well but sometimes has trouble finding the right word for items. He can walk some with the use of a leg brace and a walker. He wears an arm brace on his right arm as there is still no movement with the arm or hand. He has adapted to using his left hand for eating, writing and scrolling through his phone. He does have feeling on the right side we just now need to get movement. He is able to do some daily activities on his own but still needs our help with a lot. He is in good spirits and is very much motivated. We as a family still need all the physical, emotional and financial support we can get. Bills just keep coming in. Austin now has to pay for his own medical insurance. He has follow up doctor's appointments in April. This is when he can find out when it might be possible for him return to work which will be difficult since he is still no where close to being able to drive. Austin knows about this GoFundMe account and he can't believe all the support that has already been given. We as his parents also really appreciate everything and continue to hope that everyone can donate or share this with all of your contacts to make sure that this can reach everyone possible. We still have a ways to go to get him back to 100% or at least as close as possible but we are all determined to get there. Thank you so much! We are hoping that Austin will reach out to some of you personally soon.

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Sounds like some good progress so far for him!

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Fundraiser has passed $6k and they posted an update:

Austin continues making progress in his recovery. However, it will still be a long road. We look back at the last month from the time we found him in his apartment, transported to the 1st hospital, transported to the 2nd hospital, days in ICU, time in the Neurological ward to now in Acute Rehabilitation where he does Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy 5 to 6 days a week. The outpouring of support from everyone has been so helpful from the prayers/well wishes, offers to help in any way, and the donations made really mean the world to us. Our whole world changed on the 23rd of December but we are able to still be together and work hard on getting Austin back to 100% or at least as close to that as possible and with everyone's continued support we will make it. God bless.

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Progress is good!

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I already made two posts about it but regardless shit it is 7:45AM EST and it has already been a fucking crazy day in wrestling lmao.

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Just a quick update, the fundraiser has now passed $5k.

@TellumSiege @GeekFTW I'd like to keep this thread pinned until at least Sunday. We're more active during AEW shows and I want to get as many eyes on this as possible to help a fellow wrestling fan in need.

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Feel free to keep it up as long as needed. We're not limited by Reddit's 'no more than two pinned posts' schtick thankfully and it's for a good cause regardless.

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