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Refuge from f u/spez.

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Woke Antifa Mobster. 24/7/365 stream of: news, salty commentary and vitriol from a mostly leftist/progressive perspective. News feed is my own custom, hippie-biased algo. Commentary is me. I try to answer in a somewhat timely manner but often fail, so... sorry. #fedi22 #news #resist #antifa #woke #politics #socialjustice #fbr #ifb #science #openscience #openaccess #opendata #reproducibility #opensource #foss #privacy #based avatar


She/her :blobcatheartlesbian: ex-software dev now writing words for money, fun, and/or survival. I like new people but may be too busy to follow back.

Republicans have campaigned on killing me and mine my whole life, so "Democrats are just as bad" crap gets a fuck off and an unfollow.

I write long-form on my Federated blog at @solarbird. If you want to support me or this instance, have my patreon: avatar


Pedaling news up Seattle’s hills since 2010. Support our work: avatar


Here mostly with my #Photography and #Art, based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of #USA (#PNW, #WashingtonState #Seattle area).

If you’re interested in my work as a #WallArt, #Prints, #HomeDecor, #Lifestyle etc, go to

All my images are #copyrighted. All rights reserved. She/her. Thank you

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Editor at Factal | Purveyor of news | Seattleite | Mariners fan | He/him avatar


admin vanta :HackerCat: :heart_cyber:​ :crt_w_green_lines:

she/her, they/them 🖤 27 🖤 seattle 🖤 trans enby girl polyam lesbian gender terrorist 🖤 fediverse sex symbol 🖤 rogue wordsmith extraordinaire 🖤 fedi's favorite pirate radio DJ 🖤 a forest of carbon nanotubes 🖤 anarcho-communist 🖤 DIY punk clothing auteur 🖤 video editor vagabond 🖤 full-fledged cybersleuth archivist 🖤 punweaver 🖤 chaotic good 🖤 "i'll stop wearing black when they make a darker color" 🖤 up the cyberpunx!!! 🖤

164,261 lifetime posts on past instances 🖤 joined fedi 2017 🖤 previously on 🖤

:over18:​ MINORS DNI. this is for my own safety :over18:

bitcoin: 1kLvCP8k6kjYHKFdgJFHdWWUaiN18DNqW avatar


Wife of .

Modern day life sure is a minefield of scams. :blobfoxgoogly:

Also known as The Archivist:

Telegram: Ask


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#cycling #motorcycle #linux #pchardware




#NSFW stuff

#ALT Account


If you want good, clean nerdy fun stuff. My other acacount: avatar


Love to explore, make bike/walk videos, lead history/transit rides, advocate for mobility freedom, enjoy the outdoors.
Co-Chair of Beacon Hill Safe Streets
Organizer for Rainier Valley Greenways-Safe Streets
Organizer for
Uncle, bi 🏳️‍🌈, demisexual, introvert. Compassionate, curious, corny, smart-ass. He/him avatar


Techmod for, admin of Seattleite and Linux sysadmin irl. Liberal carfree vegan interested in VR, electronica, FOSS, astronomy, urbanism, cats, and memes (he/him)


Author of Digital Forensic/Pen Test/Blue Team Diaries, Hands-on Incident Response and Digital Forensics & Security Operations in Practice! (he/him) #infosec #DFIR #BlueTeam #Pentesting


Former dev. Infosec-curious + a million other things-curious too. Pronouns: she/her/OMG not her again. Extremely queer. Democracy enjoyer.

My handle is a shoutout to the mythical 80s Usenet host kremvax, but not so funny now, is it? avatar


Former D.C. news guy in WA (Bellingham & Seattle) | @uwcip assistant director for comms | Transit rider, walker, and swimmer.


Chose a terrible time to be less of a massive introvert. He/him, British, in Seattle. avatar


#Seattle area #writer, #designer, #photographer, #kayaker, #runner, and #humanitarian. Lover of all animals.

Owner of a successful #marketing and #communications company.

#CareerCoach #Entrepreneurship #Coach and #Startup Advisor

Certified Technical Communications Professional
Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE)

Former #nonprofit executive and fundraiser. Current nonprofit board member and Chair. Former executive recruiter.

Member of the Intl Coaching Federation and Nat’l Writers Union avatar


The Seattle GNU/Linux conference (SeaGL) is a grassroots technical conference dedicated to spreading awareness and knowledge about the GNU/Linux community and free / libre / open source software and ​hardware.

Happening on Nov 8th and 9th in Seattle, WA

#SeaGL #Seattle #linux #FLOSS #opensource #libre #conference avatar


The most revolutionary thing a woman can do is not explain herself. -Glennon Doyle ::: she/her ::: avatar


Professor at Fred Hutch in Seattle where I head a lab studying #HIV and other viruses. Posts about #Virology, #hiking in the #PNW #biking, and #gardening #fedi22 avatar


I love the smell of geekosterone in the morning... and mojitos at night.

I speak fluent sarcasm, & occasional snark. I'm a rain-breathing, webbed-footed #Seattle native. I can name an #EltonJohn song in ~3 notes. I'm heavily into #privacy #security / #infosec & have zero trust in third parties.

Some of my opinions WILL differ from yours(!!) I'm ok with this. Are you?

Apocalypse planning since 1994. My other acct @justyourluck is where I keep it doomy, all pandemics & disasters. avatar


Content-Creator-for-Hire (for Your Business) . Sharing Discoveries on the Internet Since 1992 . #Creator . #Geek . #Nerd . #Toys . #StarWars . #LEGO . #Seattle . #Nerd . #Retro . #Founder . #Entrepreneur . #3DPrinting . #Vegan . #Jedi . #Tech . #Software . #Community . #SocialMedia . #SciFi . 100% Personal avatar


I make chunks of the internet, and I like some stuff. Rest assured I'm not famous in any meaningful way.

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I’m a gay nerdy tech guy (he/him) living with my husband Daniel ( in Seattle, WA. I enjoy partner #acrobatics, #lifting, #running, throwing #pottery, #baking, and reading SFF.

I volunteer as a developer and system administrator at Distributed Proofreaders (, the largest contributor of public domain ebooks to Project Gutenberg. avatar


My gaming channel/stream: CeriGotGame
My feminism/queer/other progressive values activism channel: ToplessTopics

Hiya! I'm a content creator who focuses on covering a wide variety of subjects, from progressive politics to parenting, gaming to arts and crafts, and I do it all from the perspective of "normalizing female toplessness through repeat exposure". Basically, providing an example of how a woman can be topless WITHOUT it automatically being considered "pornographic." avatar


I'm a mathematics teaching professor in Seattle. I taught discrete modeling for a bunch of years, but I'm back teaching calculus currently. I spend a lot of time making sound and visual art, often algorithmically. avatar


In search of new forms of life. A digital community center and media platform featuring news, opinion, podcasts, and reporting on autonomous movements across so-called North America from an anarchist perspective. 🏴 avatar


Queer desi immigrant, living in Seattle, trying to get better at (a) being an allistic, abled parent to an autistic, disabled child (b) practicing mindfulness and compassion to myself and others (c) learning more about the world within and around us. He/him. avatar


guild wars 2 willbender aficionado, community team and social media manager, video game appreciator, internet dog. I talk a lot :) avatar


When a man undertakes to create something, he establishes a new heaven, as it were, and from it the work that he desires to create flows into him. For such is the immensity of man that he is greater than heaven and earth - Philipus Aureolus Paracelsus (1493 - 1541)


And a scientist (neurodevelopmental disorders) and professor too avatar


Seattle, WA based/Bristol, UK born. Interested in books, film, television, nature, gardening, video games, history, stationery and any craft involving textiles. avatar


NLP (the nerdy kind). Wrong-half Jew. Privilege-traitor.
Linguist. Empiricist. Rager against machines. formerly #indymedia
Also, #comics, #SFF #scifi, languages, big data, algorithms, software design, and more, including #EthicalAI

#WestSeattle #Duwamish unceded land

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A long-time tech guy a little obsessed with yoga and Apple Fitness+ who lives in the greater Seattle area.

I just learned that sometimes older posts don’t show up for people if nobody from their server follows this one, unless I pin a post, so I’ll be pinning different random things as a hopefully helpful sample to determine if I am worthy. 😄 avatar


FLOX: everything you think necessary for your personal freedom, privacy and security (even things we have not yet created)

FLOX - Free Libre Open X(everything)

#cfp #FLOSSconf #FLOSSevent #LocalGroup #Fediverse #fedi22 #linux #SeaGL


Bicycles | Black Liberation | Embedded Systems | Distributed Systems | Robotics | Linux Phones


Hacking on


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Fully caffeinated with 2X the sugar, unabashedly liberal.

An award-winning blogger (Americans United’s First Freedom First).

You can follow my blog’s account on the Fediverse at

You can find me on the web at MockPaperScissors and sometimes at Crooks and Liars.

"Be kind whenever possible. It is ALWAYS possible.” - His Holiness The Dalai Lama

  • Social Media Cult Failure since 2006! * avatar


UX designer. Advocate of tech ethics, decolonizing design, and design for the greater good.

Just moved to Seattle, WA, USA. (Most recently: Pittsburgh, PA.)

Love volcanoes, violas, and violins - not violence. (But punching Nazis gets a pass.)

The internet's biggest Pirates of Dark Water fan.

JET Program alumna: ALT, Tokushima, 2005-07.

Have never actually eaten ファミチキ. (Bring on that tasty, tasty 精進料理.)

I stand with #Palestine. avatar


I've been preparing for the #Apocalypse since 1994 when the local fire chief said "We won't be coming to help you". The #PNW is overdue for The Big One™.

I've been expecting the #plague. What I did not expect was for public #health organizations (I'm looking at you CDC) to throw their hands up and give up on the public. I didn't expect the public to go so willingly either.

It shouldn't be this hard to keep up on the data just to stay alive. I'm weary but I won't stop. avatar

alan avatar


I live in Seattle. I make music. I record music. I bake bread. I read a lot of Science Fiction. I have two cats and I am not too proud to use them in a cheap ploy to get engagement. Quote toot me and get blocked. avatar


Writer, Shy Nerd. #ClarionWest 2016 aka #TeamArsenic. Bi. I probably talk a lot about food, music, technology, writing, and my #LungCancer. Codex, SFWA.

Stories out in Interzone, Underland Arcana, elsewhere. Forthcoming: Lightspeed, Analog, On Spec. avatar


med 🩻 (medtech, devices, diagnostics), neuro 🧠 , cities 🏙️, environment 🌲, transit 🚍, infosec 🔐
Opinions my own. Every little detail matters and it’s all connected. avatar


basic cable han solo, founder of sometimes writer/editor/journalist. ride the bus, take the train. opinions mine, obvi. avatar


IT Professional. Father and husband. Admin of and avatar


Hi! Freelance union organizer, cybernetician, thalassophile, bicycle rider. avatar


A Seattle-based, all volunteer, organizing collective. In the past we had working groups for digital equity/ broadband, green land use, the parcel in Laurelhurst called Talaris, housing stability and more. #Seattle #KingCounty #HousingJustice #TenantRights #LandUse #CommunityEducation We also host / organize alongside the admins of If you'd like to connect please email avatar


Security Engineer by profession, maker by avocation. I goof around with #electronics, #3dprinting, and #lasercutting in my spare time. Frequent pedestrian. Big fan of breakfast foods. Love all animals, especially dogs.

Born: 325.54 ppm

#noindex #noarchive #nobot avatar


Fan of native plants and ducks. Finally found a use for all my #moss pics. He/him. All content my own.

Profile photo: The dark magenta cones of a whitebark pine tree, framed by clusters of light green needles.

Posts are now set to auto-delete after 3 months unless I've marked them to persist.

#pnw #pacificnorthwest #seattle #cats #birdwatching #mosstodon #nativePlants #hiking


Security guy, technologist, casual war driver, dark beer enthusiast, Apple ecosystem member, Monty Python fan. Views are my own. avatar


In my garden. Author, chaos bisexual, cat person, plant daddy, comic nerd, and book lover. They/them. avatar


#OlympiaWA #OlyWA
#Seattle #SeattleWA #PNW
#Portland #PortlandOR #PDX

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