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Tomorrow's the day! Thank you to everyone who has helped me surpass my fundraising goal for Beat the Bridge, to benefit type 1 diabetes research.

If you'd still like to chip in, follow the link below.

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@joeveyera how 'bout you crush that bridge. just demolish it!

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Landed successfully in 😇

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@Shini92 enjoy! :)

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area friends, do you love plants?

Along with my two other friends, I'm hosting a West Seattle Pop-Up Plant Sale on the Sunday (5/26) of Memorial Day Weekend! Stop by from 10am-2pm to snag indoor and outdoor plants. Lots of parking, near transit, and around the corner from the West Seattle Farmer's Market.

See you there!

Painted Lady Philodendron
Purple African Violet
Misc veggie seedlings

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hype in the pipe for this rave at freeway park this saturday!!! if ya see me there feel free to say hi lol 😁

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hype in the pipe for rave tomorrowwwwwww

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To the lovely gentleman who just leaned out of his car window to call me the f-slur: I hope you have a wonderful day.

You don’t deserve it, but I hope you have it anyway.

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And look, I gotta hand it to him: he’s right. 🤷‍♀️ wish I coulda figured it out that fast, would have saved me a lot of trouble in life.

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continues to grow, adding nearly 6,000 residents between July 1, 2022 and July 1, 2023, according to new estimates released Thursday by the U.S. Census Bureau.

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@joeveyera but it's dying...

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Critical quote right up front highlighting the elite corruption in this town: “He [Sloan] texted his complaints to Mayor Bruce Harrell, according to a former city hall employee.

Months later, in July 2023, a deputy mayor and Seattle Parks leader paid Sloan a visit to discuss building a playground at the park, according to the mayor’s spokesperson.”

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I think a lot about the “Seattle Transportation Plan” basically threw out all the work folks have been doing for a decade+ to get some consensus on bike and pedestrian infra that should exist. Imperfect infra but better. There are maps with bike routes that will never exist in any real sense just as there are many many blocks of sidewalks that will only come into being if a big multi-family development happens adjacent. But the roads for people who can drive are already there.

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Join my Cascade Bicycle Club free group ride, SeaTac Airport Loop, this Saturday, May 18 at 10 am!

This 20 mile loop starts from North SeaTac Park and explores SeaTac, Des Moines, & new segments of the Lake to Sound Trail. Afterwards, join me for lunch at Spice Bridge in Tukwila.


Corner of a covered entrance to Spice Bridge with signs for restaurants inside and outdoor tables

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Which #Seattle #Washington accounts should I follow here? Especially looking for art music gardening Spanish language accounts.

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Tiny Home Villages Work (and the Data to Prove It) | Sound Foundations NW

Tiny home villages more effective than group shelters at getting formerly homeless people permanently housed, study finds

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Okay so not long after posting this:

I got a question asking "why are the Seattle lines green" and the answer is "because that's the colour set they use on their map" but the real answer is "I need to include enough of their legend for it to make sense."

So now I have.

If you downloaded it before around 8:40pm Saturday May 11, you might grab the new copy if you want the Seattle legend included too.

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