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Explanation: The arts in the Classical period are often seen as more refined and skillful. Rather than being a loss of technology, it represents a loss of transference of 'tribal' knowledge - with the collapse of the Hellenic connections across the Mediterranean and the Roman Empire, localized losses of artists, due to economic or social factors, became more damaging to the artistic community of all of Europe. There was less opportunity for them to spread their knowledge to apprentices who would go to far-off places, such as in the wide patronage of Hellenic civilization, or the relatively robust and fluid labor market of the Roman Empire.

When they died, techniques often had to be 'reinvented' by simple observation, or by the transference of skills from non-professional artists, which, combined with the expense of materials and lesser patronage of the arts, greatly restricts the development of artistic skills in a society. Great artists still arose in the Medieval period, but did not have the same opportunities to pass on their skills to apprentices - or, at least not a community of apprentices and peers robust enough to preserve and spread their skills even when localized or national catastrophes struck. It's not until the ~13th century that a sustained revival of the arts begins to take place. (Love me some 8th-9th century Carolingian Renaissance though)

Part of it is stylistic though - sizing in particular. Medieval styles emphasized size as a matter of importance, while Classical Antiquity generally attempted to represent size with a more realistic than stylistic bend.

Also, the forward-facing perspective on the Medieval horse here is almost uniquely bad. But we're here for memes, right? XD

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