One carries water that flow due to gravity, one carries pressurized water that flows up to 100 floor buildings. One carries a horse and a carriage, the other carries an 18 wheeler hauling tens of tons of merchandise for thousands of kilometers.

That’s really not a comparison

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Let's not let reality get in the way of a good circlejerk, shall we?

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There is definitely a difference in intensity of usage, but there's also a difference in design philosophy - with the advance of technology and budget organization, it literally is cheaper to build something to require maintenance every ten years than to overengineer it to the point where it lasts longer for a far greater lifetime expense. There's nothing wrong with that - it is, in fact, more effective. But we're memeing right now, and it is a bit funny.

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Also makes it a billion times easier to pick up a road and move it


The reason modern roads keep needing to be repaved is because unlike ancient roads, they have to put up with cars driving on them. Cars are ridiculously heavy and keep getting heavier.

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