Wiki (for new and existing users!)


New Kbinners

Welcome to Kbin! For starters, please refer to the unofficial community-made guide to Kbin or another guide we attempted on our own (Both are useful resources!) to learn more about Kbin and the Fediverse. You can also visit m/KbinMeta if further support or help is ever needed. We also ask our community rules mentioned here in the sidebar to be followed.

Announcements and Development

For official updates and announcements from the admin/developers, please visit m/KbinMeta for major announcements and m/KbinDevlog for live platform updates, changes and status/news.

Mobile Browsing

To discuss issues and etc with any of the Kbin Apps, see m/KbinMobile.

Not seeing a community you are interested in?

Kbin is a young, but growing platform with new users joining every day compared to the already established big tech platforms like Reddit. Hence, you may see communities missing based on topics you are interested in, it is either up to you to start creating and moderating the community, or request someone else to step in for you from the community who may share similar interests (Visit m/MagIWishExisted), if you are not up to the challenge of moderating.

This is a community effort, and collaboration is important to achieve diverse communities with wide range of topics addressing the many interests of the people.

New and existing moderators

Moderators are the heart of Kbin, without moderators, communities won't be kept clean for on-topic, civil discussions. Moderators also spend their personal time for free to contribute and help grow communities they love, making a positive long-term impact on Kbin and everyone using Kbin every day.

Whether you are a new or existing moderator, we welcome you to join m/modcouncil, a place where all moderators are brought together in unity. It is a fantastic place for not just new moderators to ask questions and learn, it is also a great place for existing moderators to coordinate, develop new resources (for new mods and etc) and make more contributions together.

Visit the mod council and enter the world of Kbin Moderators.

This wiki will consistently be updated with new info, hence keep checking in once in a while if needed to stay up to date. Have feedback? Message our moderators.

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