OC /r/NonCredibleDefense recieves automated notice from the admins to remove its NSFW designation, or else. Mods respond by messaging the admins a bunch of death and porn.

Link to the NCD mod's post about the matter via teddit (aka, reddit doesn't get any value from your visit): https://teddit.adminforge.de/r/NonCredibleDefense/comments/14s8l4g/re_the_nastygram_that_umodcodeofconduct_just_sent/

A screenshot of the post if you prefer: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/817109758128422933/1126628226593214485/image.png

Literally 1984

Update: The mod team capitulates and restores the subreddit to SFW status: https://teddit.adminforge.de/r/NonCredibleDefense/comments/14t393z/ncd_admins_and_you_recent_developments_inside/


reddit must have sent out a "remove the NSFW or we remove you" to all the subs that are still set to NSFW. I saw the same story for PICS and even the cyberpunkgame sub


If cyberpunk hasn’t moved here yet, they missed the theme of the game.


Either that or they did a corpo run and went too deep in character 🤷


Yeah, likely the same procedure as sending it to private sub, which is all of em, even those who’re originally private.

@NOT_RICK@lemmy.world avatar

The faux Chinese censor trigger at the end is fantastic lmao

The Janny Massacre


Turbo based

Helldiver_M, (edited )
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NCD was one of my absolute favorite subbreddits, and one of the few communities I was truly sad to leave behind. It looks like it may be destroyed anyway. Hopefully this means more users from the NCD community will move to federated communities like the one I'm familiar with on sh.itjust.works.


Pretty sure there's also a /m/noncredibledefense here on Kbin

SpicyPeaSoup, (edited )
SpicyPeaSoup avatar

You bet your ass there is. A small number of us are keeping the autism alive on Kbin.



Imagine the NCD mods migrating!

SpicyPeaSoup avatar

Imagine my parents getting back together and living in peace.


Feels bad, bro.


Don’t hold your breath

BaroqueInMind avatar

Please keep up the momentum. I love seeing NCD shit in my kbin front page.

SpicyPeaSoup avatar

I am but one humble servant of my mental illness(es).

Calcharger avatar

Dang that's frustrating. I subsribed to NCD but it never shows up in my feed. Hopefully the algo can get sorted eventually.

Helldiver_M avatar

On Kbin I find that sorting by top, and then limiting top to the last 3 hours does a better job of showing stuff I'm subbed to. It's not perfect, but better.

tal avatar

Are you looking at your subs page? That'll just have your subscribed magazines/communities.





How to I sub to a kbin magazine on Jerboa? I’m only on the sh.itjust.works community


I’m not sure how jerboa works, but if you go to the actual sh.itjust.works website, you can do it. Go to the communities search bar and paste kbin.social/m/NonCredibleDefense. The magazine should show up there.


True it was the only community that I visited once again after leaving Reddit. But I’m sure a seccessor will emerge.

tal avatar

If they're going somewhere else like the Fediverse, I wish that they'd at least sticky a link or something so that people can find it.

MxM111 avatar

I have reviewed the images. And while I support decision, in my non-credible-defence I must say that I have a very weird boner.

@Dubois_arache@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

Subreddit name checkout! Many warriors have fallen already, but have been a good war to gain our dignity.

NecoArcKbinAccount avatar

Hopefully NCD comes to kbin/makes its own instance.

nevernevermore avatar

autists rejoice, they have a mag here and over at sh.itjust.works


I’m so happy to have found Lemmy. It’s so good to have an alternative space and not have to deal with all this BS anymore.

Granite avatar

Good luck with that ban, NCD. Way to give yourself a Viking funeral!

Will Reddit ban them like TIHI, or just replace the mods (with whom tho?)

Helldiver_M avatar

It remains to be seen. Imho, replacing the mods might as well be as bad as a ban. NCD has a really specific culture, and the shitposting really walks this tightrope between hilarious and annoying. The current mod team has, in my opinion, done a fantastic job of walking that line. Banning ERA posting is a good example. I'm not confident that they could successfully reshuffle the mod team without hurting the culture.

Granite avatar

I agree. Well, NCD has some new instances over here, so I’m not sweating.

What I really miss is polandball though.

@_haha_oh_wow_@sh.itjust.works avatar

Wow the admins banned TIHI? Reddit just keeps getting shittier and shittier.


Very credible defense.


Good that we have c/noncredibledefense!

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