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THE POLITICRAT DISPATCH 3: Violent crime is down more than 13 percent as a year over year decline under @POTUS @JoeBiden; murder reached a record high rates under Orange Felon34.


#vote #podcast

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The Groove Yard rummages through recorded relics finding forgotten 45s, long lost LPs, and great golden gems from the music of the 20th Century.


I dug a bit deeper for some of the tracks in this visit. Among them is music from Ray Charles, The Commodores, Beck, and Little Richard.

Previous shows at:


Get The Groove Yard on your station for free just ask

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Gary is organising OggCamp this year, so we wonder what makes the perfect Linux and open source event. Plus why we don’t use multiple partitions for home and swap etc.


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"Kathy Hochul's Congestion Pricing Flip-Flop Fiasco." We discuss the 11th-hour decision to “indefinitely suspend” congestion pricing in New York. Was this bad politics or atrociously bad politics? What does it mean for the future of the subway, the economy, the environment and more?

More importantly, what can you do to save it?


#newyork #podcast #thewaroncars #congestionpricing

bpb, German
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Vor 20 Jahren, am 9. Juni 2004, wurden 22 Menschen durch einen Nagelbombenanschlag in der Kölner Keupstraße schwer verletzt. Der Anschlag war Teil der Mordserie des #NSU.

In der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland kam es immer wieder zu rechtsextremen und rassistischen Gewalttaten.

Doch das #Gedenken an die Betroffenen war häufig mangelhaft und oblag zivilgesellschaftlichen Initiativen und/oder den Angehörigen.

Unser #Podcast beleuchtet die Hintergründe: https://www.bpb.de/mediathek/podcasts/548834/hoert-uns-zu-gedenken-an-betroffene-rechter-gewalt/

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2.5 Admins 198: SMB Pulse

Microsoft is tightening up SMB security in Windows which might break access to your old NAS, a Cogent root-server mysteriously goes out of sync without them spotting it, and protecting hard drives from electromagnetic pulses.


#podcast #sysadmin

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Huge huge thanks to everyone who voted for "Smashing Security" as the best for making cybersecurity accessible for all! 🏆

Carole Theriault and I are delighted to have our humble little pod recognised in this way.

If you haven't tried out "Smashing Security" yet, we've been going over seven years - week in, week out - covering the weird and wonderful world of cybersecurity with (hopefully) a sense of humour.

Find us in your favourite podcast app or at https://www.smashingsecurity.com

Graham Cluley crowing about a podcast award

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@gcluley Are you going to share the trophy? Who gets it first?

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@bazcurtis Seeing as @ThomLangford has been holding the two awards "Smashing Security" won last year hostage for the last 12 months, I think we can cope...

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When Black People (Tim Scott, Byron Donalds Etc) Are Forever Used Against Black People At Large


#ApplePodcasts #vote #Biden #usa #BlackMastodon

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I got to talk with @kevryanperson on his Tyrant In Training podcast: "Comedy podcast for guests to rule their own country as nice or evil as they want."

Our episode is coming out on Tuesday. You can catch up on his earlier ones here: https://tyrant-in-training.podcastpage.io/

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FACTS ARE FACTS: Democrats Are Better And Stronger On Border Security And Immigration Than Republicans

#vote #Democrats #Biden @BidenHQ
#ApplePodcasts #LastWord #politics #usa

danslerush, (edited ) French
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J'ai écouté le dernier épisode du #podcast de L'#OctetVert / #Frugarilla avec l'ami Tristan @nitot et @alexis8nicolas sur la loi #erooM : loi de Moore inversée, il s'agit de tendre vers une #optimisation des programmes pour que ceux-ci soient 2 fois moins consommateurs tous les 2 ans.

Ils l'expliqueront mieux dans l'entretien (transcription en lien) mais y'a une phrase qui raisonne très fort en moi :

« Faire tourner les services de demain sur le matériel d’hier »


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"Paris has closed more than 100 streets to motor vehicles, tripled parking fees for SUVs, removed roughly 50,000 parking spots, and constructed more than 1,300 kilometers of bike lanes since Mayor Anne Hidalgo took office in 2014. Those changes have contributed to a 40% decline in air pollution..."


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@TheWarOnCars love to see it

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@bbbhltz @TheWarOnCars it never ceases to amaze me how people think that freedom means that we should build our own homes to cater for them to be able to travel through with their metal murderboxes.

No, suburbanites, cities don't owe you a nice car infrastructure so you can haul your @$$ to our city in your personal vehicle. We need to build the cities for the people living there, not the people passing through.

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Christian Nationalist Joel Webbon Claims To Have The Support Of 'Massively Influential People'


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These guys?

Julie_, French
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J'ai dévoré d'une traite ce #podcast sur la place des femmes chez les chef-fes d'orchestre... Ça m'a rappelé quand j'apprenais la trompette ado et qu'un des profs du conservatoire "refusait les filles dans son cours" sans avoir à donner d'explications.

Injustices: Le Bémol 1/5 : Circulez, y’a rien à voir

Lien de la page web de l'épisode: https://shows.acast.com/injustices/episodes/le-bemol-1

Fichier de l'épisode: https://sphinx.acast.com/p/acast/s/injustices/e/649448b2087a790011712f28/media.mp3


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#ElectionSpecial with @Neal_Compass of @CompassOffice

#AccidentalGods #Podcast - where we explore how we can change the system to bring power to those with wisdom and wisdom to those with power.



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@Eceni Peaceful explosives?

Hmm, I'll have a think...

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@mxtthxw Peaceful action based on not-repeating the old paradigm - which is manifestly broken.

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