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I do really want to thank @nivenly (and especially @esk) for sponsoring the work to fix the critical security vulnerability found in @pixelfed earlier in February:

Nivenly stepped up, even though they don't have a stake in Pixelfed, they just wanted to see the Fediverse be safer, more secure and all that.

Without their support, I wouldn't have been able to dedicate the time to handling that (since I'm a freelancer)

See also:

#nivenly #pixelfed

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@thisismissem thanks for being awesome and doing the hard work to research & close it out! ❤️

and thanks @pixelfed for building something awesome for the fedi ❤️

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@esk @thisismissem We really appreciate the support, thanks Emelia, Esk and Nivenly!

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(edited to clarify I meant February 10th, not like.. March. I mean: time & months changing, what is this business 😂 )

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