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Very gently eyeballing #PyCon2024 in #Pittsburgh (@pycon) and hoping that /this time/ it doesn't get derailed by an /additional/ novel virus.

(Derailed, /or/ that the anti-masking wackos win and the conf walks back their mask mandate; but rn I'm not super worried about that.)

I should probably buy a FloMask/similar soon regardless 🤔

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The @pycon health and safety policy has a commitment to not reduce the scope of the policy, and we definitely mean it.

And yeah, flo masks are great, do get one.

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@chrisjrn @pycon thus why I am not very worried :D thank you!!

SnoopJ, avatar

@bitprophet @pycon I'm really proud of PyCon US's commitment to protecting attendees. It should go without saying (but unfortunately often needs to be said) that not putting community members in physical danger is a very early concern.

I wouldn't even consider attending in person without the mandate, but with it, I look forward to attending in person for the first time!

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@bitprophet @pycon I just started stocking up on those nice "duckbill" N95s because nobody is buying them up anymore 😩

bitprophet, avatar

@onelson hmm so like these but rotated 90 degrees, or what?

onelson, avatar
onelson, avatar

@bitprophet these are the best fitting/most comfortable masks I've worn so far.

onelson, avatar
bitprophet, avatar

@onelson huh, interesting (and not quite the kind I was imagining). What's the upsell on these, sounds like easier to breathe because more room inside the mask? (with a side of how the straps are attached)

onelson, avatar

@bitprophet For me, it just sits better on my face, but also yes.

onelson, avatar
bitprophet, avatar

@onelson quack quack, motherfucker!

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