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Folks in are calling for a demonstration against gender fascist James Lindsay on February 20th.

Read More: https://berkmananarchy.noblogs.org/post/2024/02/20/protest-the-groomer-conspiracy-james-lindsay/

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Is there anyone from Pittsburgh that can help me find a good location to stay during ? I am looking at a few affordable Airbnbs. Is public transportation something that I can rely there? Some area that I should avoid?

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Another layoff hitting the #Pittsburgh tech community, another weekend of free job board posting. Free posts through Tuesday at noon ET.

We'll delay sending our monthly jobs newsletter until Tuesday afternoon to allow some time for new posts.


#getfedihired #fedihire #jobboard #software #careers #hiring #softwareengineering #softwaredesign #engineeringmanagement #engmgmt

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Right now, archival recordings: Jansons conducts #Mozart #Schubert and #Strauss in #Pittsburgh https://buff.ly/3OuEYZm #wch

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Anyone know the least enshittified parking app for #Pittsburgh among:

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Call to support two comrades in #Pittsburgh facing charges stemming from a protest against an anti-LGBTQ bigot.

"Rather than dwelling on the state’s circumstantial evidence, the prosecution castigated Pep for “a strongly held belief system that embraces anarchism” and for feeling “a sense of community, among anarchists.” Similarly, the judge cited “sentiments supporting anarchism” as a key component justifying continued detention."


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@igd_news So the judge can just lock these people up because he doesn't like their ideas?


It's time to register for the 26th Annual Pittsburgh Racial Justice Summit!

From Othering to Bridging: Reconnecting for Social Change

The Keynote speaker is Audrey Murrell of the University of Pittsburgh. There will be a diverse panel of Pittsburgh leaders in social justice and community building, and an opportunity to discuss and connect.

Friday evening and Saturday morning, Jan 19-20 at the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary


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Fernanda wanted her time in college to be like what she saw in movies. Because she is undocumented, though, she was ineligible for in-state tuition or government aid, and finished with $84K in debt. @publicsource covers the cost of education for the undocumented https://www.publicsource.org/beechview-asset-map-college-university-financial-aid-tuition-legislation/ #Pittsburgh #highered #immigration


Today is the last day to submit proposals for talks, tutorials, and posters to #PyConUS 2024 in #Pittsburgh! We'd love to see the local Pittsburgh community featured in a bunch of talks when @pycon comes to town — so get your submissions in before the deadline!


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"You couldn’t pay me to return to Pittsburgh." My friend Aim came for the healthcare, the housing and the Steelers, but after 8 years left for a rival city in search of better options ... and poetic inspiration. https://www.publicsource.org/pittsburgh-affordable-housing-mental-health-care-baltimore-delaware-lgbtq/ #Pittsburgh #Baltimore #Steelers #lgbtq


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In 20 minutes, #Schubert, a #MacMillan's world premiere and #Mozart with de Bique, Morison, Bliss & Nazmi from #Pittsburgh https://buff.ly/47C9Ui7 #wch

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From WaPo: "The media nonprofit’s union wants to stop a collaboration with a newspaper whose reporters are on strike. Editors say the story is more important than solidarity: ‘We’ve got to do journalism on this’ "

#pittsburgh #health #news #media


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