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I hope everyone gets to line up and take turns kicking him in the nuts when he walks out of the building for the last time. One good reason to work at the office if there are any remote employees there.

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*everyone who has a Blizzard account.


Can’t come soon enough, and I hope he’s not the last.

I know there’s still some who are angry about the deal because “muh free market,” but it’s really hard to get upset about Microsoft coming in and sacking all of ActiBlizz executives. It desperately needs a leadership purge, and Microsoft was one of the only companies that was poised to do it.


It’s possible to lament the consolidation of studios and applaud the sacking of the awful executive team at the same time. It’s not a zero sum game.


It’s not quite zero sum, but the two are directly connected. ActiBlizz was never going to get a leadership shake-up without being acquired by a major company, so to praise one consequence of the merger while vilifying another is contradictory.


Isn’t it literally free market to have the owner of the place do whatever they want?


I didn’t mean that in regards to the sacking, more the controversy surrounding the merger in the first place. A lot of competitors have whined that the merger reduces competition, and that the government should have blocked the deal for the sake of the market.

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