First 30 mins of Remnant 2 is not as expected. Should I continue?

Went on sale so I tried it out, never played the first game.

First off the performance is kinda bad for the level of graphics, the unreal engine 5 seemed like a big deal but the art direction here is way worse than Elden Ring, with micro stutters and moving the mouse around doesn’t seem smooth.

The gunplay is kinda bad as well, I just came off RE4 remake and the guns had a sort of recoil and muzzle flash which is missing here, it feels like I’m firing pea shooters.

I heard it’s a really good coop game but I’m mostly going to try solo plus public lobbies.


As far as the mouse goes, the game has negative mouse acceleration forced on with no option to turn it off. How a game company can make a pc shooter and leave negative mouse accel on is beyond me. But there is a mod you can download somewhere on nexus that fixes this issue. There is a separate issue that causes your frames per sec to affect your mouse aim and changing graphics settings can wildly affect your sensitivity. Idk if mods can fix that part. I ended up refunding the game after about 2 hours of play because of all that plus getting soft locked and having to restart in the first 10 min

However if youre interested in playing on controller i have heard it works very good. I just can stand playing shooters on controller


I mean if it’s not your kind of game then refund while you can. I personally played it coop with a buddy and my fiance and absolutely loved it. It was about 25-30h for the three of us, with lots of exploring and puzzle solving. The combat won’t change too much (general mechanics I mean, new weapons and skills will change it a bit but if you don’t like the handling that’s just mostly how it is).

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I havent gotten a chance to play remnant 2 yet since I tend to wait for games to drop in price before buying, but the thing that made remnant 1 fun was it’s coop. You could play by yourself, but playing with friends really upped the enjoyment of it.

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