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Speaking to reporters in Beaufort, South Carolina, last week, Lara Trump, Trump’s daughter-in-law, was asked whether the RNC would help to pay Trump’s legal bills as he faces prosecution in four jurisdictions across the country.

“Well, I said every penny will go to making sure Donald Trump will be the 47th president, to ensuring that we have great candidates to expand our lead in the House and to take back the Senate,” she said, adding about providing funding for his legal expenses, “I actually don’t know where they stand on that.”

Emphasis is mine.

Trump wants to run the United States like one of his businesses; nepotism appointments and stealing funds to fuel his lavish and unsustainable lifestyle.

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It’s a total clown show lol.

I have heard excuses that range from “she’s not actually the one in charge” to “if she wasn’t qualified the other republicans wouldn’t support her.”

Never mind the fact that a candidate who isn’t even the nominee yet just had the RNC chair fired and recommended his daughter in law for the job.

On top of everything else RE: Trump, I don’t even know what to say to that because the level of stupidity and cognitive dissonance required to believe these things makes any rational argument I come up with fall on deaf ears. It’s maddening.

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