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This paints a terrifying picture of the geopolitical shifts we would see in a Trump mk2 world.


Any country that cannot feed itself and relies on international shipping for food imports could be in real trouble.

Possibly the greatest post WW2 benefits the USA has given the world is the stability of international shipping. If Mr T truly goes USA first this could disappear.

While this will also impact the economies of food exporting nations, they will still be able to feed themselves.


Yeah, we’ll have to cut ties with the US. Would be a shame, because we achieved so much together.

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The rest of the world will have to do something. Cutting ties will probably not be feasible; the US economy and military are far too large for that to happen without serious repercussions.

It will definitely put the rest of the democratic world in a bad situation. A world where the China, Russia and the US are dictatorships is a terrible prospect and I am struggling to imagine the ramifications. The fact that India and other large countries are leaning in that direction doesn’t make it any better.

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