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Unser "sozialdemokratischer" Bundeskanzler Olaf Scholz stellt sich öffentlich hinter die ideologischen Sparmaßnahmen und Kürzungen, die Christian Lindner für den neuen Haushalt durchdrücken möchte.

Mit diesen Sozialdemokraten brauchst du keine Neoliberalen mehr (gilt spätestens seit Schröder).

#spd #fdp #neoliberal #austerität #haushalt

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Almost 4/10 people in the US, one of the wealthiest countries in the world, experience unhealthy levels of air pollution.

"Climate change is not remote, it’s not an abstraction. It is a reality impacting the health of millions of people from coast to coast every year," as forest fires contribute to this.

This shows the prediction that rising wealth will solve environmental issues (called the Environmental Kuznets Curve) is a myth.

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Word of the week by Nancy Friedman
Wankpazer (VAHNK-pahntser)
A pointlessly large, overpowered, underperforming 4x4 compensation vehicle purchased by egomaniacs with persistent inferiority complex.

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Ein schönes Beispiel, was bei Privatisierung der Infrastruktur passiert:

Margaret Thatcher ließ englische Wasserfirmen 1989 privatisieren. Seit dem haben sie mehr als 70 Milliarden Euro an Aktionäre ausgezahlt, in Infrastruktur aber nur minimal investiert.

Konsequenz: Englische Gewässer versinken im Dreck und Briten landen wegen der Bakterien im Abwasser immer häufiger im Krankenhaus.


@mina @jan ja naja. Wenn die sich ehrlich machen würden dann würden selbst die “Superreichen” verstehen, dass ein Bunker auf Neuseeland nicht funktioniert, wenn der gigantische Wirtschaftskreislauf fehlt, der zB einfache dumme Ersatzteile wie Schrauben produziert. Und das geht eben nur mit “dem Pöbel”.

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Ich denke, dass der Reichtum für die wie eine Art mentaler Panzer funktioniert.

Denken und Fühlen wird dadurch blockiert. Was uns wie berechnender Zynismus (oder gar himmelschreiende Dummheit) vorkommt, ist für die schlicht die einzige Welt, die existiert.


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"Like most #neoliberal institutions, #Boeing had come under the spell of a seductive new theory of “knowledge” that essentially reduced the whole concept to a combination of intellectual property, trade secrets, and data, discarding “thought” and “understanding” and “complex reasoning” possessed by a skilled and experienced workforce as essentially not worth the increased health care costs"

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@inquiline @Yuki lolololololololol 🤌

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@frogzone Do I look to you like I 1, maintain; or 2, wrote the sentence I quoted above?


Dune is about worms 🪱

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@drh_8192 haha YES!


@jenbanim @drh_8192


While planning on begrudgingly casting a ballot for Biden this year, it's wild to see so many takes saying, "Yeah, is bad, but OTHER THAN THAT..." as if that's something you can gloss over. That's some real BS.

And it's not even like Biden will do anything meaningful on the either, the other greatest threat facing our world. His continued subsidies of and giving passes to mega carbon emitters over the past four years is proof of that.

And don't give me BS about, "bUt He'Ll sTaBIlIzE DeMoCraCy!!!" The previous administration showed where the holes in the US government system were and where safeguards should have been deployed. Instead of working to install those safeguards, he chose to use them as a bargaining chip for a second term.

Improvements to The Economy(TM) and employment numbers means shit when people have to work 2 or 3 jobs to keep their families off the street.

I urge all who can to vote for Biden in the hopes that the administration stabilizes the broken country long enough for the next generation, whom we have SORELY wronged, to present a new generation of truly leaders and hope that another term doesn't further entrench the "conservative-lite." I equally urge you to hold him accountable for his misdeeds.



My counterargument was "we've been there and done that" more than once and failed. ['retreat and regroup.']

If you do not one day embark on a different path, you will never reach a new destination. The time for Waiting is long past us by now.

I did read your post. I just disagree. I invite you to prove with anything approching mathematical/logical precision that "IF Trump is elected, THEN we will get a dictatorship." I TOLD you that THAT is a FEAR they are abusing us with and that a bit of reflection is enough to dispel it.

We're in this new society and a cop hands you a gun and tells you "shoot this person standing next to you or we will shoot you next." Do you comply? We would call people who refused "heroes". Are we no longer capable of Heroism?

If, if Trump gets elected and declares a dictatorship, nobody stands up and says aloud "well fuck that and fuck you", then Trump deserves to be a dictator [then WE don't deserve to be rescued.]

I don't have any friends or family. I'm one of those people who can be looked to for action because I cannot be bribed AGAINST it by threats to anyone else but me. Also, at my age and in my state of health and the fact that I am not yet and cannot foresee living on a Caribbean beach sipping Pina Coladas for 'the rest of my life' I do not have that much to lose to risk fighting for the rest of us - the rest of you. I can think of worse ways to go than having picked up a gun or other weapon to confront any next jack-booted thug() demanding I express my devotion to Lord Trump.
) including Lord Trump himself.


So in the end, the only people who will INDEED sacrifice the rest of us to totalitarianism, when the choice to vote OTHER is plainly on the table, are those who tell us



ONLY "One of two people will be president in 2024."

Because IF you voted other -- if we ALL voted OTHER -- we would get OTHER. The only """CHOICE""" you've given us is to vote for ONE OF TWO PARTIES WHO WILL DELIVER US INTO FASCISM IF WE LET THEM.

[The Democrats BTW eagerly sue to keep third parties off the ballot. Not Totalitarian?]

"I'll cast my vote for the one that will allow a 2028 election." That will be JILL STEIN, CLAUDIA DE LA CRUZ, or perhaps CORNEL WEST.

I'll put it another and more urgently topical way: I'm NOT going to vote for ANYONE who supports Israel, and FOR FUCK'S SAKE, NOT ANYONE WHO HAS SO FAR OVERSEEN AND ENDORSED THE GENOCIDE OF 40,000 PEOPLE.




@ecsd @secbox

The Pied Piper Strategy is what killed it for me. I see the DNC riding the GOP's coattails while enthusiastically flogging them toward the right. It's a good cop / bad cop tag team. The bad cop's job is to make the good cop look better so we'll capitulate to the "deal".

oliverherold, German avatar Habeck und Co arbeiten wohl wie Schröder damals auf eine neue neoliberale Agenda hin. An der Forderung von Habeck ist nichts legitim, denn letztendlich zahlen die Arbeitnehmer, Rentner ... alle für die Fehlungen der Politik der vergangenen Jahre/Jahrzehnte. #deutschland #fdp #grüne #spd #neoliberal #agenda

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Bringt rechts wählen etwas?

Ein erstes Fazit zu Mileis bisheriger Amtszeit in Argentinien:

In den knapp 70 Tagen seiner Regierung haben sich nach der massiven Abwertung des Peso im Dezember, der Freigabe von Tarifen und der Einstellung aller öffentlichen Arbeiten die Wirtschaftsdaten katastrophal verschlechtert. Inflation, Arbeitslosigkeit und Armut sind sprunghaft gestiegen und der Rückhalt in der Bevölkerung ist bereits stark zurückgegangen.

#milei #argentinien #neoliberal

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Can anyone explain neoliberals' obsession with the Dune movies?

Thank you.

#dune #neoliberal #politics

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No, thank you, I'm kind of always shocked how Dune gets zero crtiques for this stuff.

Also, the first boook is super gender essentialist, and its homophbic subtext becomes open homophobic polemic by book 4.

I love the first book from my childhood, but trying to read the whole series as an adult was eye opening.

renwillis, avatar

@durrandon I enjoyed the book, read it years ago, but goodness, I certainly didn't incorporate it into my ethos! woof.

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Dear US folks who don't plan to because neither party is enough,

It's good to remember why we have two very parties. The Dems took a sharp right turn because (apart from a brief respite in the Carter administration) they had been getting handily out-voted in elections for decades and moved right in response.

Voting is less about the candidates and policies of this election and more about the direction we want to change.

So, left or right?

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For anyone still delusional about #neoliberal "democracy"

#CBS confiscated the files of the journalist investigating #Biden

Investigative reporter #KatherineHeritz, who recently asked questions about #US President Biden and #HunterBiden, has been fired by CBS. When she was fired, CBS confiscated notes and research from her office, including confidential information from sources.


Dropping of £28bn pledge marks a shift in Reeves’s entire economic philosophy

has gone full-bore free Meerkat in flip flops.

Putting GDP to debt ratio and ‘growth’ as the icons on their altar, Labour will consign us to a decade more of market-led plunder, gross inequality, runaway climate crisis…

When what we need is boldly different, based on the society we want to be, not the trickle-down model we’ve got, tinkered with.

UK feels hopeless 😡

icastelaohuerta, Spanish

💫 My latest article is published in the last issue of "Journal of Women and Gender in Higher Education". It is about the stopping practices of who are facing policies These practices are a way of the of neoliberalism, but they are also a privilege of senior professors with stable jobs. I hope you find my work interesting.
Free e-prints here:

@edutooters @sociology @academicchatter @academicsunite


@icastelaohuerta @edutooters @sociology @academicchatter @academicsunite this sounds so familiar! Both the need to stop (called from causes outside the academia) and the knowledge that it is a privilege. Also that it takes time to get used to it. Wow!!

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