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Careful the wish you make [...]
Wishes come true, not free.

Careful the spell you cast [...]
Sometimes the spell may last past what you can see and turn against you.

Careful the tale you tell: that is the spell.
Children will listen.

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@neatchee Haven’t seen Going Postal yet. It’s the British two part movie right?

I quite liked Good Omens. I was touched by how it felt like Gaiman wanted to honor his friend and he interpreted Pratchett so well in the adaptation. Season two was also enjoyable, but it became noticeable that Pratchett was the bigger influence and it’s not that easy to emulate his style. Gaiman still did a wonderful job never the less. I don’t think many could have done it that well.

Knew I’d get called out:) What I meant was the low budget, kind of stage play type of goofiness. Similar to how all planets look like Canada in low budget sci-fi.

I would love a how where it actually looks like I’d imagine it. The Fallout and The Last of US instead of the latest Resident Evil or that horrid abomination Monster Hunter “movie”.

Fallout is probably a great example. I want all the fun and cleverness and oddities and fun and social commentary and everything else that comes with Pratchett. Imagine the witches! But packaged up really really nice and neat and professional.

Oh, imagine if they nailed DEATH. Both amusing, comical, yet utterly terrifying in some ways. Or Lord Vetinari. That man is truly frightening. But also so funny :)

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@yon ahhhhhh yes I totally understand what you mean. I agree I'm still waiting for a discworld adaptation that gets the same quality as Good Omens or better.

Yes, going postal is the two part one. It was very good.

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Irena Sendler schmuggelte tausende jüdische Kinder aus dem Warschauer #Ghetto und rettete so ihr Leben. Ein Musical im Admiralspalast erzählt ihre Geschichte.
#Musical #Berlin #_holocaust

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#Broadway fans!

The benefit concert (this Sunday!) my wife is organizing to benefit #unhoused #pregnant women is Live Streaming! (pls boost for reach)

Featuring #MerleDandridge (The Last of Us, Station 19) & #JennaUshkowitz (Glee, Waitress) for a night of pop and Broadway performances with #JesseTylerFerguson, #CheyenneJackson, #KatieLowes, #KevinMcHale, #AustinMackenzie, #AdamShapiro, #TracieThoms, & special guest #EricIdle!

(does @lisamelton boost charities? 🤣)

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@bransonturner Yes. Yes, she does. 💖

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@lisamelton hugs and kisses, thanks so much!

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Czytam sobie, że „Joker: Folie à Deux” ma być tzw. jukebox musical i przyznam szczerze, że mój entuzjazm opada. O co chodzi? Jukebox musical to taki, w którym większość piosenek to znane i lubiane utwory muzyki popularnej. No ja miałem jednak nadzieję na utwory oryginalne. I jasne, fajnie będzie usłyszeć jak Hildur Guðnadóttir przearanżowuje popowe hity i nadaje im tego swojego niepokojącego stylu. Ale czy nie fajniej byłoby wykorzystać jej muzyczny talent do stworzenia czegoś nowego? Jak sądzicie? Czekacie na drugiego „Jokera”?

#JokerFolieàDeux #Musical

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Time for some #MusicalMusings on the current production of #SweeneyTodd on Broadway with Aaron Tveit and Sutton Foster.

  1. This might have become my second favorite production of Sweeney Todd (first will always be Patti and Michael). But I get why some people are grumpy about it: it is capital C CAMPY. They emphasize and reveal comedic moments, which makes for a very different overall experience, coming off as far more unhinged, but also not quite the classic Greek chorus tragedy of fate most productions emphasize. But like...oh my gosh I loved the camp of it soooo much and it made for a unique production

  2. Yes, Aaron Tveits is incredibly hot and it finally makes sense why Mrs. Lovett would be obsessed with him. And Sutton Foster's Lovett is HORNY for him and commits to the camp 230%. But like, yes, I also would rub my feet on his chest and would feel hot and bothered watching him get aggressively murderous...this may have awakened something in me 😅

#Musicals #Broadway #Sondheim

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  1. Joe Locke is so freaking tiny! And has a great voice! Still building his skill, but would love to see him do more Broadway or movie musicals. Did great as Tobi.

  2. We got to see the understudy for Joanna, Mia Pinero, and she revealed entirely new aspects of the role too. She plays her as unhinged and traumatized, which, of course Joanna would be. So many play her as flat and delicate and helpless but pretty, but Mia gives her agency while also being aware of how horrifying her circumstances are.

  3. This production actually put a lot more dance and choreography into it than other productions and it was a great way to use a smaller stage to still create the feel of bustle, chaos, and hungry mob that is usually done through other types of choreography. It also led to gorgeous uses of lighting and fantastical backing ensemble moments, such as allowing the visualizing of the masquerade in retelling Lucy's fate.

JoscelynTransient, avatar
  1. Sutton Foster is a brilliant comedic musical actor. I think I will watch anything she plays a comedic role in going forward. Knowing she's going to be compared to legends like Angela Lansbury and Patti Lupone, she makes her own mark on the role in a way that's incomparable to them and fully her own.

  2. I was skeptical of Aaron Tveit because he was making unusual performance choices as Sweeney early on. Much more flat than many others at first. But the real test of a Sweeney comes at Epiphany - how does one bring him to life through the madness. Tveit's voice is so pretty, I couldn't see how he would do it without the growl, but then he nailed the piece, coming to life with such a intense of edge of determined threat.

  3. My one big complaint: they didn't do Judge Turbin's "Mea Culpa" song. Most productions drop this because of how discomforting and explicitly pedaphilac it is. I do suspect it wouldn't match this production's tone, but kinda surprised it didn't dare for this piece

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Excited for the Broadway Across Canada tour this year:

  • The Lion King
  • Beetlejuice
  • Tina - The Tina Turner Musical
  • MJ: The Muscial
  • Hamilton

#musicals #nac #ottawa

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@shawnhooper interesting, different than the shows in Vancouver

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@emd Oh interesting. I thought it was a national tour.

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The latest Broadway production of “Merrily We Roll Along” is as good as everyone says. The main trio are terrific together, which makes the part where they aren’t that much more painful. The “Not a Day Goes By” reprise (preprise?) remains one of the biggest gut punches in musical theater history. #broadway #merrilyWeRollAlong #sondheim

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Just learned that the iconic song "Tomorrow" from the musical "Annie" was originally intended for a musical based on... the classic sci-fi story "Flowers for Algernon".

Whiskey tango foxtrot?

#musicals #ScienceFiction

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It totally works. Also, fun fact about Charles Strouse (author of Annie) - he got the funding for "Bye, Bye Birdie" only from the song "Put on a Happy Face." From what I understand, it was the only song ready to present to backers.

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Saw the Moulin Rouge at the China Theatre in . It's an amazing production. Extremely lavish. Such an enormous amount of work and talent and stage resources put in by such a huge group of people. And all of this in service of a story that was completely cliché and hackneyed already at the time when the musical is set. You need to be ten years old or less to follow it with interest. I was simply embarrassed.

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Do you generally like musicals?

mrundkvist, avatar

@LiseAndreasen Haven't seen many, but I enjoyed "Matilda" and "Book of Mormon". Do you?

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Bonjour :mastodon: !
Je crains d'être un psychopathe ! Je me rends compte que je sévis tous les 30 ans.
1994 : #Starmania a Mogador
2024 :#Starmania à la Seine Musicale
1994 : #LesMisérables à Londres
2024 : #LesMisérables au Châtelet (fin d'année)
A ce rythme, plus que 12 ans pour revoir #JosephAndTheAmazingTechnicolorDreamcoat (enfin à l'époque c'était #JoséElSoñador à Mexico).
Et 18 ans pour #AvenueQ.
Faut que je sévisse plus souvent !
Faites (vous) plaisir ! 🤗 😘

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@shamphalai tu n'es pas un psychopathe mais un amateur nuance ^^ 😘

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Groundhog Day review – Tim Minchin’s musical is a delight again, and again, and again #musical

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#ChitaRivera, Electrifying Star of #Broadway & Beyond, Has Died at 91

Appearing in scores of stage productions, she dazzled audiences for nearly six decades, most memorably starring as Anita in “West Side Story” & Velma Kelly in “Chicago.”

#Art #Theater #Dance #MusicalTheater

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This is show week for the seniors at Berwickshire High School which has a brilliant music department. Well worth coming to see. Their productions would grace a professional stage.

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Duns (population under 3000) is remarkable. I've just got home from a planning meeting for Duns Playfest (8 day festival of new theatre), daughter just finished dress rehearsal for 9-5 The Musical, Wednesday Duns Players start rehearsal for a Murder Mystery, Thursday Duns Operatic are rehearsing Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. All will be brilliant I'm sure.

EricBranse, avatar

Just got home from seeing the Berwickshire High School's production of the Musical 9-5. Absolutely brilliant ensemble cast. The confidence and talent of these youngsters is wonderful to see. Just two nights left to catch it. Last night is Saturday.
#BerwickshireHighSchool #MusicalTheatre

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