Memery Alpha

edgemaster72, in An easy mistake avatar

The danger of letting things become too informal

aeronmelon, in An easy mistake

Too late, he dead.

xia, in An easy mistake

I recall this joke from TaleSpin.

BoxerDevil, in me_irl

My perfect relationship

EnsignReposti avatar

Make it so

NABDad, in It really is more often than you would think

Given how often we encounter Nazis in real life, it seems like Starfleet should encounter them a hell of a lot more often.

WhereGrapesMayRule, in It really is more often than you would think

Who cares about latinum. Gold pressed latinum however…

EnsignReposti avatar

"I wonder who came up with the idea of suspending liquid latinum inside worthless bits of gold?"

Parastie, in I've got faith to believe I can't do anything avatar

This hits home.

aeronmelon, in These are the voyages

That’s why she joined the Enterprise-D, she was going to have the ultimate hat if it was the last thing she ever did.

EnsignReposti avatar

Lore says she was on Earth in 2024, that means she most likely was a TF2 player which explains the hats.

CurlyMoustache, in me_irl avatar

I work and I do OK financially. My girlfriend is one of the few in the area that does what she does, and businesses that are in need of her services are throwing money at her to get her to work for them. It also benefits me 👌

TheBat, in me_irl avatar

Does she want an extra husband?

Blum0108, in Set phasers to pun

Terrible pun. Solid A work.

aeronmelon, in Boil Em, Mash Em, Stick Em In the Wrong Quote

sees O’Brian with a phaser to his chin

I always like a sui-side of potatoes with dinner.

Quoll_Strife, in Me when I try to impress my crusher
DaddleDew, in I got 5 on it

That’s an old meme. I haven’t seen a paper fiver like that in years.

edgemaster72, avatar
MrJameGumb, in me_irl avatar

Sounds like you’re living the dream my friend! Congratulations 🎉

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