The Hollywood Walk of Fame is the world's worst-rated tourist attraction, according to new study

Stasher ranked 99 global tourist attractions based on Google reviews, quality of local accommodations, distance from the closest international airport, tourist safety, and TikTok popularity.

Topping the list was the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which also ranked first in 2019 in Stasher's first tourist attractions study.

This year, the tourist hotspot on Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street scored 3.42/10. The attraction received the lowest Google Reviews score (4/5). America's poor global peace index (3.85) also dragged the popular tourist hub through the mud.

According to Google reviews, people described the Walk of Fame as "grubby and slightly scary," "dirty," and "unsafe."

skellener avatar

Could it be the smell? It’s the smell.

Crackhappy, avatar

Been there on accident and would not recommend.

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