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Good morning and happy Monday!

It was a busy weekend with kids stuff, softball, more shuffling of kids, installing our new washing machine, removing the pool cover...a lot.

But, it's Monday and back to work!

Hope you have a great one.

#MorningMoments #GoodMorning #Monday #Life


@mdmrn good morning and have a great monday!

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@chandlerpeachy Thanks! And same to you!

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What do I want? The unattainable.

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@br00t4c Ask Harrison Butker's Mother...

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@wndlb She's not allowed to have opinions.

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Me pretty much of my

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You're eventually gonna run out of time. Might be because of your own decisions (lifestyle, bad habits). Might also have nothing to do with you: Wile E. Coyote drops a piano intended for the Roadrunner, that takes you out instead. Start enjoying our life right now. "I'm too busy." is not a life, forwards nothing to your children.

#Life #Children #Parenting #Time


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In particular, if you have kids, gather up all the memories you can by doing things with them. Take on adventures. Explore museums, visit fun and interesting landscapes, take them white-water rafting, canoeing, sailing, swimming. Go camping, visit beaches, teach them how to fish. None of that will be wasted... for you, but more particularly for them.


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Good news from the German antifa and related organizations scene: copyright protection.

A small group based in Germany has begun buying the Trade Mark rights to certain words and phrases - mainly abbreviations of words associated with extreme right wing groups and movements often aligned with the ideals of the original Nazis - so have them removed from the marketplace.

Companies producing these slogans will now be forced to remove them from their catalogs, from the stores and from sale, or face legal fines.

Article in German:

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It isn’t all doom and gloom, but if that’s all you notice and see fit to post about, maybe you ought to broaden your perspective.

The sky is not always falling, chicken little.

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'For them, it's money. For us, it's life': Grassy Narrows' 60-year legacy of poison

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The perpetrator has been found!


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Be gentle with those who complain. Most complain because they have reason.

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I can't get over how wonderful these molecular machines animations are.

But more pressingly, I can't get over how mindboggling and fascinating this stuff really is. These are molecules, swarms of atoms, that just happen to "do certain work" following the laws of physics and chemistry, which after "some time" turned out to become Life.

I'm often looking for analogies to explain this emergence. Conway's Game of Life is clearly one.

Do y'all think of this stuff?

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A man just delivered 240ltrs of compost. Now I have to move it to the shed.

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@matt The guy who usually delivers it is very nice and takes it to the shed for me, but some horrid misog had taken his place today and wouldn't so much as leave it by the garden gate 😔

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@BashStKid You know what looks attractive? The guy who usually delivers it and merrily takes it to the shed for me, no questions asked.

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"I was afraid to ask."

So the medic preparing me for my MRT today, where no metal is allowed in the room at all. Me being traditionally attired in my kilt.

I was given a towel to wrap around myself.

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@Wen yes, but no. He did see it, but the main problem for him was that I needed to take off the kilt, with its metal, and walk bare-arsed to the machine.

Surprisingly few people see the sgian dubh unless I'm sitting.

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@FiveSeventeen they might have sold tickets…

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Oh man, how lush is beans on toast? Such a long time since I had it and I'd totally forgotten.

Nom nom nom

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@gruff Blocked.


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