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To see related language-learning content, consider checking out @Japanese. While @Japanese will include language-learning content, it will also include content beyond simply learning Japanese itself. This may prove useful for finding resources and content for written and spoken immersion. @Japanese may also be updated to include content related to more general Japanese-language content as well.

Regarding the section found here in @LearnJapanese, you may use this space to complete Japanese language-learning exercises, ask questions, provide answers, or find others that are inexperienced and experienced alike. However, please note that users from Mastodon will only have their posts federated to @LearnJapanese if or is the first tag embedded in your post. The way /kbin currently works is that by using as the first tag in your post, your post will be sent to @Japanese instead.

This section may also be useful for posts that you may feel don't necessitate its own thread. In that sense, this area can act as a "daily discussion hub" akin to the megaposts found on Reddit. That being said, though this is a space for questions and whatever else--you're still permitted and encouraged to post questions among other things as threads too. We look forward to seeing beginners and veterans alike engaging in discussion with one another. お当該頑張りましょう!

Attached below is a link to a list of recommended resources.


Please feel free to add a reply if you have a suggestion, or have critique regarding any resources I have provided. If one is providing critique, please also include an alternative. I am not perfect, but I am open to suggestions. By teaching me, you help future users that stop by to read our conversations. Thanks, and best wishes on your Japanese-language learning journey.

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