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This week, @prismnpen's #LGBTQ writers cry out our human right to the dignity religious leaders, journalists and other elements of society seem determined to withhold from #gay, #transgender, and other #queer humans.

We are not depraved, #PopeFrancis, despite your Church’s dignity-destroying assertion!

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Lucy Hicks Anderson
While it's important to acknowledge famous names like Christine Jorgensen and Lili Elbe,it's also important to talk about other trans women
who might be less well known,but have had their own big impact on Trans history

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FOXニュースの司会者であるジェシー・ウォッタースは「ゲイの子どもたちが性別適合手術を強制されてトランスジェンダーとして扱われている」という、定番の陰謀論に言及した…と伝える海外記事。この手の主張は今も嫌になるくらい目立ちますが、こうした考え方は、トランス当事者の多様な性的指向&恋愛的指向(異性愛・同性愛・両性愛・無性愛など)の主体性を全否定するものです。メディアがこんな主張を堂々と展開するのは恐ろしいですが、差別はやっぱりメディアの責任でもありますね。 #LGBTQ

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These deranged people are the fundamentalist intending to impose rule over the rest of us, to eliminate all like in Afghanistan, to execute folks and like Gaza and Iran, to bring back like in Libya and Qatar, and make America a Saudi style ethno-state in the flavor. They intend to turn all schools into hellholes and your kids if you dare to let them be themselves. They intend to deport and force the poor into servitude with no or at all, including no or since only the rich deserve a decent life - their disgusting god told them so while they were here wallowing on the floor and babbling.

THIS IS OUR FUTURE IF MAGATS ARE NOT VOTED OUT AND KEPT OUT PERMANENTLY: rule by hateful misogynist nutjobs using POLICE STATE VIOLENCE to enforce their whackadoodle beliefs onto us.

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I know. But did you notice how in the midst of their "spiritual experience" that supposedly "overwhelms" them and causes them to speak some heavenly language, a couple of them realized the optics were REALLY BAD and looked up and around to see if they could see anybody filming them? Yeah. So much for overwhelming ecstasy. It's all an act. And if it was real, why would they care if anybody saw it?

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By the way, this description 👆​ is a very condensed version of #Project2025 which you absolutely need to read up on if you haven't already.

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What is alarming are the points in the review that suggest that, as people, we don’t know our bodies, our feelings, and our emotions.

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“New #bill would #censor all #LGBTQ+ websites for as “#harmful to #minors

A picture of two women holding hands could qualify as "#explicit adult content" under the #law. “


They simply cannot help themselves from desiring 1864
back. Uncivil War and all.

#heinous #law #lgbtq #spyingbill #adultcontent

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Students across the nation are speaking out Friday Spurred on by the recent spate of laws aimed at limiting the rights and visibility of LGBTQ Americans.

This year, for the first time, the “Day of Silence” – a yearly event where students take a vow of silence to symbolize the impact of homophobia and the LGBTQ voices that are marginalized by bullying – will morph into a day of action called the “Day of (NO) Silence.”
#AureFreePress #LGBTQ #Breaking #BreakingNews

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:BlobhajPrideHeart: :blobhaj_trans_heart: :BlobhajPrideHeart:

Proud to announce that the Pride In Diversity #scholarship is back for 2024!

The scholarship will be awarded to one deserving member of the #lgbtq+ community pursuing a degree in #STEM order to promote further representation in the field.

Please boost for reach!

:BlobhajPrideHeart: :blobhaj_trans_heart: :BlobhajPrideHeart:

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"Author JK Rowling has reignited a row with Harry Potter stars Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe over the issue of transgender identity and rights.

The writer hit out at "celebs" who she said had "used their platforms to cheer on the transitioning of minors".

"Rowling said she spoke out about transgender issues in part due to her personal experience of domestic abuse and sexual assault."

Yeah, by her ex-husband who WASN'T TRANSGENDER.

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@Carnivius Why is anyone mentioning her anymore without pointing out she's now a fucking partial holocaust minimum

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Alright. It's that glorious time of year again! The time… wait, Pride Month is still a few months away? Huh.

Well, on a related note: much like around this time last year, a return of the genuinely grand and groovy Queer Games Bundle was recently announced, and submissions are officially open for Queer Games Bundle 2024!

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Boost this post if you agree! #lgbtq #pride

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@ahriboy @RIDDLES The people who believe “education = influence” believe that because that’s all it will be once they’re in charge of it.

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Susan_Larson_TN, avatar

Christians should be banned from serving in Government, as their primary loyalty isn't to their oath, their country, or the people but to their . When you are elected to office you serve everyone, not just those who believe the same as you do. That includes LGBTQ people.

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People have been doing that for a long time— starting with religious leaders who interpret things themselves and spin it for their gain.
And then by making people afraid, they look only to the particular religious leader for answers (and do whatever they say).


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カナダで増大しつつある反LGBTQ+法案に反対を表明する書簡に400人以上の著名なアーティストが署名しました。ニール・ヤング、アリソン・ラッセル、メイ・マーティン、エリオット・ペイジ、アラニス・モリセット、カーリー・レイ・ジェプセン、エルヴィス・コステロなど。「極右グループは恐怖を利用し、私たちを互いに争わせ、私たちが他者との違いを恐れる…そんなカナダを作り上げようとしている」と、声をあげています。 #LGBTQ

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