Kurzgesagt Kbin's situation over Kurzgesagt Discord

I finally had a talk with one of their moderators over Discord.

  • I cannot advertise our mission over the Discord server (at least not yet) until Kurzgesagt acknowledges or endorses us
  • We can mention about kbin there and send more information over direct messaging but that's it for now
  • A few thousand subscribers to this magazine may or may not be enough to attract Kurzgesagt's attention


Boys, gals and others! We have a mission!
We must grow lol.
I'll try to talk to Kurzgesagt's employee and send Kurzgesagt another email about us again once we reach a few thousand birbs over here.

In the meanwhile, let us try to point folks over to kbin through Reddit, YouTube comments and whatnot!

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Good luck at growing, seems like a cool community! You can try putting it in !MagHub ( @MagHub )

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The third highest thread is about this magazine 🙂

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I think the best thing we can do for the time being is to just be active here. Advertising a Kbin magazine to people who don't use Kbin/Lemmy isn't going to help it grow if people see that it's a discussionless wasteland. They won't even bother to sign up. If we build an active community with the solid number of people subscribed right now, we'll have a much better chance at growing in the future.

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Hmm. Could be so.

It is my individual plan to continue being active.
As long as I have something to comment or post about 🙂

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