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This video made me think -
What happens to that all kinds of matter that flies around after the black dwarf explodes? Will it stay as iron? Will they gather back and form an iron ball?


It sounds like a neutron star would be left over, and yes, the cloud of iron would all eventually make it’s way either back to the core, or escape.

It’d be pretty in the meanwhile, though.

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I'd imagine that at that point, the expansion of the universe would nullify the tiny amounts of gravity between the particles after the supernova. The only way I'd imagine them staying together is them forming black holes, which this paper in Kurzgesagt's sources list seems to say is unlikely

The low-mass progenitors [black dwarves with iron cores] will meanwhile have compact iron cores but thin envelopes which may result in dynamics comparable to stripped-envelope CCSNe today, and with little accretion after core bounce the shock may expand almost unimpeded. Exact luminosities are difficult to determine without simulations, but the low masses may similarly reduce electromagnetic yields. Compared to CCSNe today, we might expect a similar neutrino luminosity as the iron core collapse should be comparable. Gravitational wave emission of the proto-NS may be similar, but without excitation from convection in the infalling matter one might expect less driving of the oscillation. Furthermore, the progenitor is likely highly spherical which will weaken the gravitational wave signal. For all masses considered, it seems unlikely that a black hole should form.

Of course, I don't know near enough to actually understand much of what this paper is saying, so I could be completely misinterpreting this.


I’m pretty sure the expansion isn’t too crazy fast, considering the star itself was stable.

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Even though the somewhat speculative stuff that makes isn't super relevant or helpful to know, it always makes for a really interesting watch. The soundtrack for this one might be one of my favorites.

Also, Kurzgesagt really needs to stop bullying brown dwarfs. "Brown dwarf losers"? Really?

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I think that they used a bit more jokes/memes in this video than usually 🤔

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In general, I think they're steadily using more and more, especially in the animation. I personally like the fun jokes and references as long as they aren't spammed in the script.

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