JapanLife is good life as Anon discovers Japanese try to lie a lot in tracffic accidents

_犯罪Being sued over a traffic accident. Need advice. (self.japanlife)

submitted 15 hours ago * by XenonTheMedic

Long story short, I got into a traffic accident a few months ago. Police came and filed a report, I went to my insurance, he went to his insurance. After that, I never was contacted by my insurance, his insurance, the other guy, or the police since then. So I thought it was settled. (Edit: I forgot to mention that this is not my car, it is my friend's car + insurance. But I still contacted them.) Today, I received a 20 page envelope in the mail saying I'm being sued and have to go to court in February and give a verbal defence. It is written in super formal Japanese so I don't understand everything, but I think I understand the gist. Bascially saying I haven't paid yet so he is sueing me for the payment.

The traffic incident: A few months ago, I parked my car next to his car. When I opened the door, I opened it too far and it hit his door. It left a small scratch in the door. He gets out and starts yelling at me, calls the police, and they came and wrote a report. The accident is entirely my fault, however he is asking for over 400,000 yen to fix his car. It's an extremely small scratch on his door. In the proof he sent me, he attached a bill for his car being fixed. However, in this bill, it includes many things like his roof, bumper, etc.. in the billing. I think I'm being scammed but also at the same time, I did cause the accident so I don't know what defense I have.

I would appreciate any information, specifically what to expect in court, will this affect my worrk VISA, or anything else._

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>Roof? Bumper? The wanker is committing outright fraud and extortion if you ask me… Getting his power over gaijin rocks off too…

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_>I had this happen to me and my insurance company took care of the lawyer .. went to court .. I went to court once .. proceedings took over a year ( during corona). guy had done this like 9 times for quick money .. so my insurance company decided to fight it .. and we won..

if your friend’s insurance covers covers you they should take care and negotiate the damages.. that’s the most important thing is did his insurance cover you or not ?_

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