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Rendal80, (edited )

Rebuilding the original battery pack "SF1043269SH6-HV-2S1P" for HS720G (Battery Pack Replacement)

WARNING!!! Improper handling of the battery, can cause a fire and harm your health. You do everything at your own risk.

You can try to rebuild the original battery in this form ( Battery (SF1043269SH6-HV-2S1P ). It allows the exchange of cells with other charged ones and also allows fast charging of the battery, outside the case of this original battery pack, using the XT30 connector. Charging Time: 01:16:57 at 3A, Charging Time: 00:40:00 at 6A. Of course, the original USB-C battery charging within the original battery pack is preserved.

Battery (SF1043269SH6-HV-2S1P)

Battery manufacturer: Xi'an Safty Energy Technology Co Ltd

  • Battery type: High Voltage LiPo (LiHV)

Nominal Battery Voltage:

  • Nominal Battery Voltage:   7.70V
  • Nominal voltage per cell:  3.85V

Maximum battery voltage:

  • Maximum battery voltage:   8.70V
  • Maximum voltage per cell:  4.35V

Minimum battery voltage:

  • Minimum battery voltage:   6.40V
  • Minimum voltage per cell:  3.20V
  • Nominal battery capacity:  2950mAh
  • Nominal battery energy:    22.715Wh
  • Battery type of cells:     2S1P

Battery charging current:

  • by Original Battery Pack (USB-C):           ?A [Charging Time: ??:??]
  • by the charger (B6AC V2) "Standard":        3A [Charging Time: 01:16:57] (Charging to capacity: 2823mAh)
  • by the charger (B6AC V2) "Fast charging":   6A [Charging Time: 00:40:00] (Charging to capacity: 2846mAh)

Battery discharge current:

  • Nominal Continuous current:     ???
  • Nominal Burst current:          ???
  • by the charger (B6AC V2):       2A (Discharge capacity: 2950mAh)

Weight of Battery:

  • Weight of Battery Pack:   110g
  • Weight of 2S cell:        92g
  • Weight of One cell:       46g

Dimensions of battery cells:

  • Dimensions of battery cells (Height, Width, Length):        22.0, 31.0 ,70.0mm
  • Dimensions One cell of battery (Height, Width, Length):     11.0, 31.0, 70.0mm

Possible LiHv cells for repair / replacement:
Did you find other suitable cells or battery packs? Write it to us :-)

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