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Spatiotemporal Analysis Is 17,000 Years Old – Or Maybe More? <-- shared text <-- shared paper

[Snow and Picquet were not first, as amazing as they were...]
“Geospatial analysis can be traced back as far as 17,000 years ago [or more], to the Lascaux cave in southwestern France. In this cave, Paleolithic artists painted commonly hunted animals and what many experts recently concluded are dots representing the animals’ lunar cycles to note seasonal behavior patterns of prey, such as mating or migration…”
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photos - Examples of animal depictions associated with sequences of dots/lines. (a) Aurochs: Lascaux, late period; (b) Aurochs: La Pasiega, late; (c) Horse: Chauvet, late...; (d) Horse: Mayenne-Sciences, early; (e) Red Deer: Lascaux, late; (f) Salmon: Abri du Poisson, early; (g) Salmon (?): Pindal, late; (h) Mammoth: Pindal, early.

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