What is your favorite summer fragrance? Or do you have more than one? What do you recommend?

For me the following;

  • ADG Profumo.
    I feel it is a jack of all trades and can easily be used all year around also. Fresh, smokey and has to be tried on the skin.

  • TDH (Terre dhermes)
    I have tried the EDT the Parfum and the Eau Givree. Pick your poison they are all wonderful. All orange smelling, fresh and airy.

Parfum; If you like less air and more depth choose this.
Edt; If you like the scent of an airy orange, this is your choice.
Eau Givree; The freshest one and perfect for summer.

  • Nishane Hacivat
    Strong Pineapple, fresh, woody. It can be overwhelming so I won't recommend it in the scorching heat.

  • MFK Celestia(Forte)
    If you ever want to smell like a fresh fruit(dark berries) dripped in the freshest water, this is it. I think this is my favorite summer fragrance overall, it is light and dense at the same time, the fruits smell amazingly natural and the staying power is oh so good.

  • Pasha de Cartier Edition Noire.
    Rarely talked about; Fresh, spicy, (even a hint of gourmand), inoffensive. Overall really good.

I have quite some more, but tell me what are your favorites and recommendations?

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Freshly mown grass. But I fear I may be a lostkbinner

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Sir, this is a wendys


Nice write up, I like how you’ve broken these categories out. I always lament warm weather coming around because it means my heavy hitters have to take a backseat and I haven’t found anything I LOVE yet as far as freshies go. I did buy a bottle of Afternoon Swim though and will wear it. Might even wear it today 😂

That Pasha sounds particularly interesting and I’m going to look it up now. Thanks & welcome to the fragrance magazine!

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No problem!

Haha I can understand. I also think that there is quite some redundancy in regards to fresh fragrances.

But there are a few good ones that came out this year;

  • Bad boy Cobalt from carolina Herrera is a really good blue fragrance.
  • One of my other favorites; Issaye Miyake Vetiver. Not a bank breaker and if you like to make a statement and want an heavy hitter for the summer you should try it out. It will literally pinch the inside of your nostrils at the first whiff haha.

I also really like the Creed fragrances for the spring/summer.

It is quite unpopular but the fragrances are great natural (smelling) fragrances with an air of class and elegance around them.

Especially in Europe they are also quite much on sale.

Thank you for the welcome message!

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