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Tuesday Jan 30, 6:30pm London time
we have #JeromeLewis on

'Women's biggest husband is the Moon': gender relations among BaYaka hunter-gatherers

FREE, LIVE @UCLAnthropology and on ZOOM

Jerome is speaking in the Daryll Forde Seminar Room, 2nd Floor of the Anthro building.

NB due to building work, you need to use the main entrance of the Archaeology Institute round the corner in Gordon Sq. Please plan to arrive between 6:15-6:30 if possible.

#BaYaka #huntergatherers #gender #egalitarianism #anthropology #Congo #ForestPeople

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Jerome has spent many years in the Forest with BaYaka people. He explores gender relations, ritual and economy through the concept of -- a potency that belongs to women, men and animals.

He's speaking LIVE in the Daryll Forde Room, 2nd Floor, Dept of Anthropology. You can also join us on ZOOM (ID 384 186 2174 Passcode Wawilak)

NB Use the main entrance of the Archaeology Institute, round the corner in Gordon Sq. Take the lift to the 2nd floor, turn left out of the lift, go along the corridor until you reach a door needing a card. Someone will let you through! Please arrive between 6:15-6:30pm

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Recording for Jerome's talk here
'Women's Biggest Husband is the Moon'

And a YouTube link too!

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Please boost FREE community #fediscience!
LIVE and ZOOM, all welcome!

Tues Jan 9, 6:30pm we start our Spring Term with #CamillaPower on
'Egalitarianism made us human. Why Graeber and Wengrow get it wrong'

@UCLanthropology 2nd Floor Daryll Forde Seminar Room, 14 Taviton St. London WC1H 0BW

Everyone welcome to just turn up or join on ZOOM

#egalitarianism #huntergatherers #DawnofEverything #intersubjectivity #language #encephalization #collectivechildcare

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Our new term starts on Tues Jan 9, 6:30pm London time.
Talks are all FREE, LIVE @UCLanthropology
and on ZOOM. Everybody welcome to just turn up!

Our first session is with on
'Egalitarianism made us human: why Graeber and Wengrow get it wrong'

Details here (incl ZOOM links)

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Our Spring Term coming up...
These Eventbrite links give details for all the talks. No worries if registration is full, just turn up LIVE @UCLAnthropology or join on ZOOM.

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@RadicalAnthro FYI the website gets an https:// error warning

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Sorry it's twitter but I 💗this quote from Jaipal Singh, 77 years ago today:

"In Adibasi society, there was no discrimination by caste and gender. Thus you cannot teach democracy to the tribal people; you have to learn democratic ways from them.”

  • Jaipal Singh, Dec 19, 1946

#adivasi #JaipalSingh #democracy #egalitarianism
Thanks Dr Aashish Xaxa

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Still time to sign in for tonight 👇👇

Nov 7, 18:30 GMT London time we welcome #NataliaBuitron (Cambridge) and #HansSteinmuller (LSE) speaking on

"Egalitarianism is hierarchy, autonomy is mutuality"

We are LIVE @UCLAnthropology and on ZOOM. Please sign into Eventbrite for details and ZOOM links (sent out Mon/Tues)

#PoliticalAnthropology #Egalitarianism #Hierarchy #Autonomy #Amazon #China

Image (by Natalia Buitron) a meeting in a Shuar village in a large swept square space under a corrugated roof, people sitting around the edges on benches, raising their hands to speak. Garden trees flourish in the background, a dog in the middle

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